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Angus Forshaw

Community Archaeology trainee with Wessex Archaeology, April 2012 - April 2013

Angus Forshaw, Community Archaeology trainee 2012 - 2013

Meet Angus:

"I’m Angus Forshaw and I am currently working with Wessex Archaeology as part of their Learning and Access team. I am really enjoying working as part of this team, and have been able to get involved with and organise a number of archaeological events.

"Throughout my placement I have worked on a wide range of projects, including teaching soldiers how to excavate and record archaeological features as part of Operation Nightingale, as well as teaching volunteers how to do post-excavation work and doing plenty of school workshops.

"It has been a very busy few months, it’s great to see how much I have learnt over this time and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute!"

Angus Forshaw, Community Archaeology trainee 2012 - 2013

Working with the Army

"One of the main things that I have been involved in is working with injured service personnel as part of the army project Operation Nightingale. This has been a fantastic experience for me, as it was great to see their changing perceptions of what archaeology involves, as well as proving really beneficial to them and their wellbeing. Another great perk of this project was the fantastic site we were able to excavate, a Saxon cemetery on Salisbury Plain.

"As well as working with soldiers on this project I have also been able to work with young people as part of the HLF funded Project Florence, which has been working alongside Operation Nightingale. I worked alongside young people from the local area including those from Wiltshire Young Carers to produce a short film about the excavation. It’s great to be able to have so many people involved in the project and benefit from the exciting archaeology that we were uncovering."

Underwater Archaeology

"As well as working on Operation Nightingale another area in which I have been heavily involved in is Coastal and Marine Archaeology, an area that I have found particularly interesting. I have travelled to visit people working in marine industries to talk to them about the potential archaeological discoveries that they may find from the sea floor. As well as getting to meet and work with a wide variety of people, this has required me to write reports on some really exciting archaeological finds that I may not encounter elsewhere, like mammoth bones and cannonballs!

"Working with so many different members of the community has been a great experience. It’s really encouraging to see how enthusiastic everyone is when it comes to learning more about the past and our heritage, from corporate organisations involved with marine aggregates to primary school children.

"I am really keen to continue to pursue a career in archaeology. I have really enjoyed everything I have been involved with, particularly seeing how passionate everyone is about archaeology. The placement has been a great learning experience for me and has given me a wide range of really valuable experience that I can use in the future. I’m sure the final few months will continue to keep me busy and allow me to meet even more people interested in our heritage."

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