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Chris Kolonko

Community Archaeology trainee with Norfolk Historic Environment Service, April 2012 - April 2013

Chris Kolonko, Community Archaeology trainee 2012 - 2013

Meet Chris:

"I’m Chris Kolonko and I am the CATP with Norfolk Historic Environment Service. In my younger years I used to watch many archaeology programs on TV, such as Time Team, and I also had a strong interest in history. As a result, when I went to college I decided to train to become… a Forensic Scientist.

"At college I enrolled to do an A level in Archaeology out of interest. Thanks to this course, I decided to pursue a far more exciting career in Archaeology. I also developed an interest in the archaeology of the 2nd World War, especially the defences built inBritain during 1940.

"I chose to do a degree in Archaeology and the first dig I took part in was at the Old Scatness Broch site in Shetland. I spent a lot of time digging, planning, getting sunburnt and honing my Archaeology skills. I also got to enjoy the amazing scenery and managed to set some time aside to investigate the remains of Shetland’s WW2 defences.

"Following graduation I volunteered on Community Archaeology events at Heeley City Farm, with their Heritage Officer Sally Rodgers. I was involved with engaging and educating the local community through Heritage Projects and School visits. Teaching people and seeing them learn was extremely rewarding and cemented my love for Community Archaeology.

"Community Archaeology is extremely important as it brings people together, spreads interest in Archaeology and allows everyone to get involved with learning about the past. This placement will allow me to further my career in Community Archaeology and also provide me with the challenges I have been craving."

Read more about Chris' work in a placement view.

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