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David Astbury

Community Archaeology Training Placement with Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, Sept 2013 - Sept 2014:


David Astbury

Meet David:

"Hello, my name is David, and I’m currently undertaking my community archaeology training bursary with Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums through their ‘Wallquest’ project. After a ten year career as a musician I decided it was time for a change, so started a joint honours degree in archaeology and history at Newcastle University.

"I have been involved in many community archaeology projects and believe involving members of the public can be both useful and rewarding to both parties. During my placement I will be working on a number of sites along the eastern stretch of Hadrian’s Wall, from the forts at South Shields and Benwell to the re-use of Roman stone in Tynedale’s early medieval churches. These projects all have huge potential for community involvement. I am very much looking forward to introducing the rich history of Hadrian’s Wall to members of the local community, and encouraging them to engage with Wallquest’s projects. Involving young people in archaeology is a difficult task; retaining and nurturing their interest is even harder, but I am looking forward to the challenge of making the archaeology of Hadrian’s Wall accessible, interesting and meaningful to Tyneside’s younger generation."

Keep up-to-date with David's progress via his blog: 

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