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Hannah Baxter

Community Archaeology trainee with York Archaeological Trust, April 2011 - April 2012

Hannah Baxter, Community Archaeology trainee 2011 - 2012

Meet Hannah:

"I decided I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was ten, having spent far too many hours watching Time Team and visiting various old things around the country. My first experience of digging was a few years later in a cave under a shopping centre in Nottingham – I was lucky enough to find a lump of concrete which had fallen from the ceiling. Any normal teenager would probably have been put off by this experience but I stuck with it and went to study archaeology in Durham, followed by an MA in Landscape Archaeology in Sheffield.

"Part of my masters was a work placement, for which I put together a project design for a community dig in Sheffield. The dig has run for the past two summers and I have volunteered as a supervisor, an experience which has really made me see how totally amazing community archaeology can be, bringing together so many people (who sometimes might not quite get on!) and throwing them together as a very successful team.

"Archaeology creates stories about people and the process of doing this helps us to share our own stories, something which I think is pretty cool. I am very excited to be working for YAT. So far I have done geophysics in primary schools, worked with the lovely volunteers at Hungate and researched a mysterious community dig that took place in Yorkshire in 1959 – so we’re not quite as pioneering as we might believe ourselves to be!"

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