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Hannah Potter

Community Archaeology Training Placement with Surrey County Archaeological Unit, October 2012 – October 2013

Hannah Potter, Community Archaeology trainee 2012 - 2013

Meet Hannah:

"Hello! I’m Hannah and I am currently carrying out my 12 month Community Archaeology Training Placement at Surrey County Archaeological Unit.

"I have always had a keen interest in archaeology and chose to pursue this at Cardiff University receiving both a degree and masters archaeology over 4 years, specialising in the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. During my time at university, I was involved in a number of excavations, including 4 weeks at the Medieval Manor site at Cosmeston, and 5 weeks in Bulgaria at a Roman site. At these digs I was able to interact with the public, giving tours and working with volunteers, which really fuelled my love for community archaeology.

"For the duration of this placement I will be working with the Community Archaeologist for Surrey, Abby Guinness and have already helped out at the Woking Palace 2012 excavation and have attended several meetings with the Preston Community Archaeology Project group. Over the coming months we have several ongoing exciting community archaeology projects, as well as some that are still in the planning process."

You can keep up to date with Hannah's work on the Digging Surrey's Past facebook page.

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