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James Spry

Community Archaeology Training Placement with Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Sept 2013 - Sept 2014

James Spry in-action in the field

Meet James:

"Hi there, I'm James and I am undertaking my twelve month placement with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA).

I have quite a varied archaeological background to date, which began when I undertook my undergraduate degree in archaeology at the University of Leicester over five years ago. In that time I have also completed a Masters degree in archaeology from the same institution, specialising in faunal remains, and worked for several excavation and survey units. My fieldwork experience also involves taking part in a number of different university and community projects throughout England and in France, as well as undertaking my own fieldwork project on Bredon Hill in South Worcestershire. As well participating in the University of Leicester’s superb outreach programme, I have also been involved in the planning an supervising of excavations for the Ministry of Defence and Defence Archaeology Group run project ‘Operation Nightingale’, which uses archaeology to aid in the rehabilitation of injured military personnel. This project also provided me with the faunal material for my Masters dissertation topic. In the past I have also worked year round for several hillside farms and estates so will hopefully be prepared for the notorious fieldwork conditions I have been told to expect in the park!

I am very excited about my year working with the YDNPA and look forward to tackling the challenges I will face when trying to involve younger people with the archaeology of the Dales. I hope to work alongside the various community archaeology groups and schools projects that already exist in the Dales and will look to draw on my previous experience to provide a fresh impetus to the community element of the parks historic environment."

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