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Kimberly Briscoe

Community Archaeology Training Placement with Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, Sept 2013 - Sept 2014:

Kimberly Briscoe

Meet Kimberly:

"Hello I am Kimberly Briscoe and I am the current Holder for the Youth-focused Community Archaeology Training Placement held at The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales.

My interest in Archaeology was kick-started by community projects in my local area and through community engagement. From school, I took every opportunity to explore the historical landscape around me, taking work experience placements through a museum and travelling down to my local community projects in my free time during weekends, evenings and even on snow days! I found archaeology to be a far more exciting than the fusty historical texts we were used to at school, and it was this mindset that spurred me on to choose and complete an Archaeology BA at the University of York.

"Throughout and prior to my degree I have participated in excavations (Greyfriars 2009, Hesington East 2011, Teffont 2011,2012) field surveys (Salisbury plain, 2012) and projects (Hungate animal Bones 2012, 2013) which have provided me with much experience and knowledge but I never forgot the root of my passion; the amazing people you meet, speak to and learn from on community projects! This drove me, after my graduation in July, to apply for the internship to develop skills in this field and luckily I was successful!

So finally why Youth focused? Well my many years involved in swimming at all levels of teaching and training and competing has really established my enjoyment for working with young people and it will be great to provide some of the opportunities I had to others!"


To learn more about Kimberly's exploits with the Royal Commission, visit the Heritage of Wales blog:

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