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Kirsty Whittall

Community Archaeology trainee with the Centre for Applied Archaeology at the University of Salford, April 2011 - April 2012

Kirsty Whittall, Community Archaeology trainee 2011 - 2012

Meet Kirsty:

"After spending the past 10 years volunteering, I was very excited when I heard about this community archaeology placement. I’ve worked with the CfAA on previous sites, and I have spent many years under the careful eye of Adam (Thompson) and Brian (Grimsditch).

"I was very happy to get this position, as I know there was stiff competition for all the placements around the UK, and so I’m very lucky to be one of the few to get this amazing opportunity! I hope that while I’m on my training placement, I will be able to help to make archaeology more accessible to those volunteers who may at times, be overlooked, or may not get the chance to work with archaeology as they would want to.

"From my past in community archaeology, I feel privileged to be in a position where I may be able to help someone who is just starting out in archaeology."

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