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Natalia Bain

Community Archaeology Training Placement with The SCAPE Trust, October 2012 – October 2013

Natalia Bain, Community Archaeology trainee 2012 - 2013

Meet Natalia:

"Hi, I’m Natalia and I’m currently on the community archaeology training placement at the SCAPE Trust based in St Andrews and working all over Scotland. I am a born and bred Orcadian and so really couldn’t resist the draw to archaeology, firstly prehistory (after years on Ness of Brodgar you can never escape a passion for the Neolithic) and later maritime archaeology. I volunteered on digs whenever I could since at school and absolutely loved archaeology as well as the variety of people you get volunteering on digs.

"I received my MA (hons) in Archaeology at the University of Glasgow and am currently studying for my MA in Maritime Archaeology with the University of Southern Denmark. I am writing my thesis on coastal archaeology and multivocality in Scottish communities which ties in very nicely with our work at SCAPE.

"As a bursary placement at SCAPE I have been doing a variety of tasks such as photogrammetry, video editing and attending meetings and am looking forward to 2013 where we will be out and about more, particularly with the Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk Project (SCHARP). I first heard about the project in May and was keen to work on it ever since and am thrilled to have this opportunity to work on an exciting project in so many great places."


You can follow Natalia's progress on Twitter:

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