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Thomas Whitfield

Community Archaeology Training Placement with Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire, October 2012 – October 2013

Thomas Whitfield, Community Archaeology trainee 2012 - 2013

Meet Tom:

"Hi I'm Tom, I'm a born and bred Leicestershireman and I am the Community Archaeology Trainee with the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire. I first got involved with archaeology at the tender age of 7 (yes really that young) through the Young Archaeologists' Club in Leicestershire and I haven’t left archaeology alone since then. I went to Newcastle University to do my BA in Archaeology which really shaped my direction in life and led me to carry on and do a MLitt in Battlefield and Conflict Archaeology at Glasgow University which I have just finished. In my spare time I enjoy climbing and mountaineering, having a laugh with my friends and, of course, archaeology.

"I have done about a month with Heritage Lincolnshire now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Within the first couple of days I was flung into the field with trowel in hand to help wrap up a community excavation which had been ongoing and my time here has more or less been non-stop since then. I was pleased as punch to be presented with this opportunity to work in community archaeology and I relish all the challenges and experiences which this placement offers and will offer me. Most of all, however, the youth aspect of this placement means that I am looking forward to being able to give something back to archaeology where it has already given me so much."

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