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Books and Publications

The CBA has been dedicated to publishing the best in British archaeology for more than 60 years and we continue to make archaeological research widely available both in paper and online.

Below is a complete list of every CBA publication and links to purchase or download where available. You can also browse our shop here. Please contact us on 01904 671417 or for publications enquiries or bulk orders. 

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Archaeology for All

1 Star Carr: Life in Britain after the Ice Age
Nicky Milner, Barry Taylor, Chantal Conneller, Tim Schadla-Hall. 2013
2 Stonehenge Making Sense of a Prehistoric Mystery
Mike Parker-Pearson, Joshua Pollard, Colin Richards, Julian Thomas, Kate Welham. 2015

Practical Handbooks

Providing a complete introduction to different areas of our discipline, our Practical Handbooks set out to be a primer on a new subject, providing a reader with all of the tools they require to get started in the area.  A perfect glossary for the more experience practitioner or a 'how to' guide for someone new to the field.

1 Recording Worked Stones: A Practical guide
T. F. C. Blagg. 1987
2 Survey by Prismatic Compass
Raymond Farrar. 1987
3 British Archaeology: An Introductory Book List
James Dyer (ed.). 1987
4 British Archaeological Thesaurus
Cherry Lavell. 1989
5 Recording Timber–Framed Buildings: An Illustrated Glossary
N.W. Alcock, M.W. Barley, P.W. Dixon and R.A. Meeson. 1989
6 Safety in Archaeological Fieldwork
Adrian Olivier. 1989
7 Recording a Church: an Illustrated Glossary
Thomas Cocke. 1989
8 Churches and Chapels: Investigating Places of Worship
David Parsons. 1989
9 Talking Archaeology: A Handbook for Lecturers and Organizers
Roy A. Adkins. 1990
10 Recording Medieval Floor Tiles
J. Stopford. 1990
11 Fixture and Fittings in Dated Houses 1567–1763
N.W. Alcock. 1994
12 20th Century Defences in Britain: An Introductory Guide
Bernard Lowry, Ian Brown. 1996
13 Roman Samian Pottery in Britain
Peter Webster. 1996
14 Roman–British Glass Vessels: A Handbook
Jennifer Price, Sally Cottam. 1998
15 Recording and Analysing Graveyards
Harold Mytum. 2000
16 Historic Landscape Analysis: Deciphering the Countryside
Stephen Rippon. 2004
17 Garden Archaeology: A Handbook
Chris Currie. 2012
18 Approaches to Archaeological Illustration: A Handbook
Melanie Steiner. 2006
19 Human Remains in Archaeology: A Handbook
Charlotte A. Roberts. 2018
20 Marine Archaeology
Virginia Dellino-Musgrave. 2012
21 Industrial Archaeology
Marilyn Palmer, Michael Nevell, Mark Sissons. 2011
22 The Home Front in Britain 1914-18: An Archaeological Handbook
Catrina Appleby, Wayne Cocroft, John Schofield (eds.). 2015

Research Reports

CBA Research Reports bring together the research and findings from some of the most in-depth and innovative studies in our discipline.  The scope of these reports is incredibly wide and touches on most aspects of our field. 

1 Romano-British Villas: Some Current Problems
Council for British Archaeology (eds.)
2 The Recording of Architecture and it's Publication
Council for British Archaeology Medieval Research Committee (eds.). 1955
3 The Investigation of Smaller Domestic Buildings
Council for British Archaeology Medieval Research Committee (eds.). 1955
4 Anglo–Saxon Pottery: A Symposium
C. Gerald Dunning, G. John Hurst. 1959
5 Structure of Romano–British Pottery Kilns
Phillip Corder. 1964
6 Romano–British Coarse Pottery: A Student’s Guide
Graham Webster (ed.). 1964
7 Rural Settlement in Roman Britain
Charles Thomas (ed.). 1966
8 A Gazetteer of British Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Sites
Derek A. Roe. 1968
9 The Iron Age in the Irish Sea Province
Charles Thomas (ed.). 1972
10 Current Research in Romano–British Coarse Pottery
Alec Detsicas (ed.). 1973
11 The effect of man on the landscape: the Highland Zone
J. G. Evans, Susan Limbrey, Henry Cleere (eds.). 1975
12 Aerial Reconnaissance for Archaeology
D. R. Wilson. 1975
13 The Archaeological Study of Churches
Peter Addyman, Richard Morris (eds.). 1976
14 The Plans and Topography of Medieval Towns in England and Wales
M.W.Barley (ed.). 1975
15 Excavations at St Mary’s Church Deerhurst 1971–73
Phillip Rahtz. 1976
16 Iron Age Sites in Central Southern England
Barry W. Cunliffe. 1976
17 Medieval Moated Sites
F. A. Aberg (ed.). 1978
18 The Saxon Shore
D. E. Johnston (ed.). 1977
19 Historic Churches: A Wasting Asset
Warwich Rodwell, Kirsty Rodwell. 1977
20 Gazetteer of Mesolithic sites in England and Wales with a Gazetteer of Upper Palaeolithic sites in England and Wales
J. J. Wymer, C. J. Bonsall (eds.). 1977
21 The Effect of Man on the Landscape: the Lowland Zone
Susan Limbrey, J. G. Evans (eds.). 1978
22 Burial in the Roman World
Richard Reece (ed.). 1977
23 Stone Axe Studies
T. H. McKClough, W. A. Cummins (eds.). 1979
24 Roman Shipping and Trade: Britain and the Rhine Provinces
Joan du Plat Taylor, Henry Cleere (eds.). 1978
25 Castles, Town Defences and Artillery Fortifications in Britain: A Bibliography 1945–74
R. J. Kenyon. 1978
26 Excavations at Little Waltham 1970–71
P.J. Jury. 1978
27 Viking Age York and the North
R. A. Hall (ed.). 1978
28 The Excavation of an Iron Age Settlement, Bronze Age Ring–Ditches and Roman Features at Ashville Trading Estate, Abingdon (Oxfordshire) 1974–76
Michael Parringtin. 1978
29 Archaeology in Sussex to AD 1500
P. L Drewett (ed.). 1978
30 The Alice Holt/Farnham Roman Pottery Industry
M. A. B. Lyne, R. S. Jefferies. 1979
32 Iron Age and Roman riverside settlements at Farmoor, Oxfordshire
George Lambrick, Mark Robinson. 1979
33 Excavations at Melbourne Street, Southampton, 1971–76
Phillip Holdsworth. 1980
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34 Archaeology in Essex to AD 1500
D. G. Buckley (ed.). 1980
35 The Austin Friars, Leicester
Jean E. Mellor, T. Pearce. 1981
36 Hereford City Excavations, Vol 1: Excavations at Castle Green
R. Shoesmith. 1980
37 The Hamwic Pottery: The Local and Imported Wares from 30 years’ Excavations at Middle Saxon Southampton and their European Context
Richard Hodges. 1981
38 Coinage and Society in Britain and Gaul: Some Current Problems
Barry Cunliffe (ed.). 1981
39 Aspects of Anglo–Saxon and Norman Colchester
Philip Crummy. 1981
40 Medieval Industry
D. W. Crossley (ed.). 1981
41 Waterfront Archaeology in Britain and Northern Europe
Gustav Milne, Brian Hobley (eds.). 1981
42 Cruck Construction: An Introduction and Catalogue
N. W. Alcock . 1981
43 Environmental Archaeology in the Urban Context
A. R.Hall, H. K. Kenward (eds.). 1982
44 Settlement Patterns in the Oxford Region: Excavations at the Abingdon Causewayed Enclosure and other sites
H. J. Case, A. W. R. Whittle (eds.). 1982
45 Saffron Walden: Excavations and Research 1972–80
S. R. Bassett. 1982
46 Hereford City Excavations Vol 2: Excavations on and close to the Defences
Ron Shoesmith. 1982
47 The Church in British Archaeology
Richard Morris. 1983
48 Archaeology in Kent to AD 1500
Peter E. Leach (ed.). 1982
49 The Impact of Aerial Reconnaissance on Archaeology
Gordon S. Maxwell (ed.). 1983
50 Archaeology at Barton Court Farm Abingdon, Oxon
David Miles (ed.). 1984
51 Roman urban defences in the West                                        John Maloney, Brian Hobley (eds.). 1983   Download
52 Danebury: An Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire
Barry W. Cunliffe. 1984
53 Castles, Town Defences, and Artillery Fortifications in Britain and Ireland: A Bibliography Vol 2
John R. Kenyon. 1983
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54 Post Medieval Sites and their Pottery: Moulsham Street, Chelmsford
C. M. Cunningham, P. J. Drury. 1985
55 Rivenhall: Investigations of a Villa, Church, and Village 1950–1977
W. J. Rodwell, K. A. Rodwell. 1986
56 Hereford City Excavations, Vol 3: The Finds
R. Shoesmith. 1985
57 Sheepen: An Early Roman Industrial Site at Camulodunum
Rosalind Niblett. 1985
58 The Archaeologist and the Laboratory                                Patricia Phillips (ed.). 1985   Download
59 Roman Urban Topography in Britain and the Western Empire
Francis Grew, Brian Hobley (eds.). 1985
60 The Anglo Saxon Church: Papers on History, Architecture and Archaeology in Honour of Dr H M Taylor
L. A. S. Butler, R. K. Morris. 1986
61 Urban Archaeology in Britain
John Schofield, Roger Leech (eds.). 1987
62 The Mansio and Other Sites in the South Eastern Sector of Caesaromagus: the Roman pottery
C. J. Going. 1987
63 The Prehistoric and Roman Settlement at Kelvedon, Essex
K. A. Rodwell. 1988
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64 Presenting Archaeology to Young People
S. Cracknell, M. Corbishley (eds.). 1986
65 The Excavation of an Iron Age Settlement at Thorpe Thewles Cleveland 1980–1982
David Heslop. 1987
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66 The Mansio and Other Sites in the South Eastern Sector of Caesaromagus
Paul Drury. 1988
67 Stone Axe Studies Volume 2: The Petrology of Prehistoric Stone Implements from the British Isles
T. H. McClough, W. A. Cummins (eds.). 1988
68 The Rebirth of Towns in the West AD 700–1050
Richard Hodges, Brian Hobley (eds.). 1988
69 The Archaeology of Roman London, Vol 1: The Upper Walbrook Valley in the Roman Period
Catherine Maloney, Dominque de Moulins. 1990
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70 The Archaeology of London, Vol 2: Early Development of Roman London West of the Walbrook
Dominic Perring, Steve Roskams, Patrick Allen. 1991
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71 Maritime Celts, Frisians and Saxons
Sean McGrail. 1990
72 Castles, Town Defences, and Artillery Fortifications in Britain and Ireland: A Bibliography Vol 3
John R. Kenyon. 1990
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73 Danebury An Iron Age Hillfort in Hampshire
Barry W. Cunliffe, Cynthia Poole. 1991
74 Waterfront Archaeology: Proceedings of the Third International Conference Bristol 1988
G. L Good, R. H. Jones, M. W. Ponsford. 1991
75 The Temple and Other Sites in the North Eastern Sector of Caesromagus
N.P. Wickenden. 1992
76 The Breiddin Hillfort: A Later Prehistoric Settlement in the Welsh Marches
C. R. Musson, W. J. Britnell, A. G. Smith. 1991
77 The Late Glacial in North–West Europe: Human Adaptation and Environmental Change at the End of the Pleistocene
N. Barton, A. J. Roberts, D. A. Roe (eds.). 1991
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78 Garden Archaeology
A. E. Brown. 1991
79 Welsh Industrial Heritage: A Review
C. Stephen Briggs (ed.). 1992
80 Rivenhall Investigations of a Villa Church and Village 1950–1977 Vol 2: Specialist Studies
W. J. Rodwell, K. A. Rodwell. 1993
81 Iron Age and Roman Salt Production and the Medieval town of Droitwich
Simon Woddiwiss (ed.). 1992
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82 An Anglo–Saxon Cemetery at Norton Cleveland
Stephen J. Sherlock, Martin G. Welch. 1992
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83 An Anglo Saxon Watermill at Tamworth
Philip Rahtz, Robert Meeson. 1992
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84 Excavations at Hamwic: Vol l
A. D. Morton. 1992
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85 The Spitalfields Project: Volume 1 - The Archaeology: Across the Styx
Jez Reeve, Max Adams. 1993
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86 The Spitalfields Project: Volume 2 - The Anthropology: The Middling Sort
Theya Molleson, Margaret Cox, A. H. Waldron, D. K. Whittaker. 1993
87 Prehistoric and Roman Archaeology of North–East Yorkshire
D. A. Spratt (ed.). 1990
88 The Archaeology of London Wolume 3: Public Buildings in the South West Quarter of Roman London
Tim Williams. 1993
89 Environment and Economy in Anglo–Saxon England
James Rackham (ed.). 1994
90 Excavations at Segontium (Caernarfon) Roman Fort, 1975–1979
P. J. Cassey, J. L. Davies, J. Evans. 1993
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91 An Anglo–Saxon Cemetery at Great Chesterford, Essex
Vera Evision. 1994
92 A Medieval Industrial Complex and its Landscape: The Metal Working Watermillus and Workshops of Bordesley Abbey
G. G. Astill. 1993
93 Roman Towns: The Wheeler Inheritance - A Review of 50 Years Research
Stephen J. Greep (ed.). 1993
94 Architecture in Roman Britain
Peter Johnson, Ian Haynes (eds.). 1996
95 Excavations at Rhuddlan Clwyd 1969–73: Mesolithic to Medieval
Henrietta Quinnell, Marion R. Blockley, Peter Berridge. 1994
96 Roman Alcester: Southern Extramural Area 1964–1966 Excavations: Part 1 Stratigraphy and Structure
Christine Mahany (ed.). 1994
97 Roman Alcester: Southern Extramural Area 1964–1966 excavations: Part 2 Finds and Discussion
Stephen Cracknell, Christine Mahany (eds.). 1994
98 Roman London Vol 5: A Dated Corpus of Early Roman Pottery from the City of London
B. J. Davies, Beth Richardson, Roberta Tomber . 1994
99 Henley Wood, Temples and Cemetery Excavations 1962–69 by the late Ernest Greenfield and Others
Lorna Watts, Peter Leach. 1996
100 The Experimental Earthwork Project 1960–1992
M. Bell, P.J. Fowler, S.W. Hillson (eds.). 1996
101 Moorland Monuments: Studies in the Archaeology of North East Yorkshire in Honour of Raymond Hayes and Don Spratt
Blaise Vyner (ed.). 1995
102 Danebury Vol 6: A Hillfort Community in Perspective
Barry Cunliffe. 1995
103 Two Anglo–Saxon Cemetries at Beckford, Hereford and Worcester
Vera Evision, Prue Hill. 1996
104 Church Archaeology: Research Directions for the Future
John Blair, Carol Pyrah (eds.). 1996
105 Gwent Levels: The Evolution of a Wetland Landscape
Stephen Rippon. 1996
106 Roman Alcester: Vol 2 Defences and Defended Area
Stephen Cracknell (ed.). 1996
107 A Multi–Period Salt Production Site at Droitwich: Excavations at Upwich
J. D. Hurst (ed.). 1997
108 Excavations at Caldicot, Gwent
Nigel Nayling, Astrid Caseldine. 1997
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109 Excavations at Hamwic: Volume 2 Excavations at Six Dials
P. Andrews. 1997
110 St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Bristol: The Excavation of a Medieval Hospital 1976–98
Roger Price, Michael Ponsford. 1998
111 Late Saxon Stirrup–Strap Mounts: A Classification and Catalogue
David Williams. 1998
112 The Anglo–Saxon Cemetery at Edix Hill (Barrington A), Cambridgeshire
Tim Malim, John Hines. 1998
113 Grave Concerns: Death and Burial in England 1700 to 1850
Margaret Cox (ed.). 1998
114 The Archaeology of Lincoln Vol VII–2: The Defences of the Lower City
Christina Colyer, Brian J.J. Gilmour, Michael J. Jones. 1999
115 The Magor Pill Medieval Wreck
Nigel Nayling. 1998
116 The Hamwic Glass
J. R. Hunter, M. P. Heyworth. 1998
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117 The Golden Minster: The Anglo–Saxon Minster and Later Medieval Priory of St Oswald at Gloucester
Carolyn Heighway, Richard Bryant. 1999
118 The Walton Basin Project: Excavation and Survey in a Prehistoric Landscape
Alex Gibson. 1999
119 Prehistoric, Roman and Post–Roman landscapes of the Great Ouse Valley
Mike Dawson (ed.). 2000
120 Prehistoric Intertidal Archaeology in the Welsh Severn Estuary
Martin Bell, Astrid Caseldine, Heike Neumann. 2000
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121 Medieval Glass Vessels Found in England cAD 1200–1500
Rachel Tyson. 2000
122 Conservation and Change in Historic Towns: Research Directions for the Future
Patricia Dennison (ed.). 1999
123 Archaeology and Conservation in Ironbridge
Richard Hayman, Wendy Horton, Shelley White. 1999
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124 Our Changing Coast: a Survey of the Intertidal Archaeology of Langstone Harbour, Hampshire
Michael J. Allen, Julie Gardiner. 2000
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125 Britons and Romans: Advancing an Archaeological Agenda
Simon Jones, Martin Millett (eds.). 2001
126 Vernacular Buildings in a Changing World: Understanding, Recording and Conservation
Sarah Pearson, Bob Meeson (eds.). 2001
127 Roman Alcester Volume 3: Northern Extramural Area
Paul Booth, Jeremy Evans. 2002
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128 Cataractonium: Roman Catterick and its Hinterland: Excavations and Research, 1958–1997: Vol 1
P. R. Wilson. 2002
129 Cataractonium: Roman Catterick and its Hinterland: Excavations and Research, 1958–1997: Vol 2
P. R. Wilson. 2002
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130 Stirling Castle: The Restoration of the Great Hall
Richard Fawcett (ed.). 2001
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131 The Coastal Archaeology of Wales
Andrew Davidson (ed.). 2002
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132 Early Post–Medieval Vessel Glass in England: c1500–1670
Hugh Willmott. 2002
133 Pottery in medieval Southampton: 1066–1510                 Duncan H. Brown. 2002   Download
134 Town and Country in England: Frameworks for Archaeological Research
Dominic Perring. 2003
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135 Thomas Telford’s Holyhead Road: The A5 in North Wales
Jamie Quartermaine, Barrie Trinder, Rick Turner. 2004
136 Archaeology in Northumberland National Park
Paul Frodsham. 2004
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137 Towards a New Stone Age: aspects of the Neolithic in south east England                                                                 Jonathon Cotton, David Field (eds.). 2004 Buy  
138 The Barland’s Farm Romano–Celtic Boat
Nigel Nayling, Sean McGrail. 2004
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139 Excavations at Deansway, Worcester, 1988–89: Romano–British Small Town to Late Medieval City
Hal Dalwood, Rachel Edwards. 2004
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140 The Vernacular Workshop: From Craft to Industry, 1400–1900
P. S. Barnwell, Marilyn Palmer, Malcolm Airs (eds.). 2004
141 Submarine Prehistoric Archaeology of the North Sea: Research Priorities and Collaboration with Industry
N. C. Flemming (ed.). 2004
142 Mountains and Orefields: Metal Mining Landscapes in Mid- and North–East Wales
Nigel Jones, Mark Walters, Pat Frost. 2004
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143 Conderton Camp, Worcestershire: A Middle Iron Age Hillfort on Bredon Hill
Nicholas Thomas. 2006
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144 Beaches, Fields, Streets and Hills: The Anti–Invasion Landscapes of England, 1940
William Foot. 2006
145 Cloth and Clothing in Early Anglo–Saxon England: AD 450–700
Penelope Walton Rogers. 2006
146 Roman Droitwich: Dodderhill fort, Bays Meadow villa, and Roadside Settlement
Derek Hurst. 2006
147 War Art: Murals and Graffiti: Military life, Power and Subversion
Roger Thoman. 2006
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148 Lost Farmsteads: Deserted Rural Settlements in Wales
Kathryn Roberts (ed.). 2006
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149 Prehistoric Coastal Communities: The Mesolithic of Western Britain
Martin Bell. 2007
150 Houses and the Hearth Tax: The Later Stuart House and Society
Malcolm Airs. 2006
151 An Atlas of Roman Rural Settlement in England
Jeremy Taylor. 2007
152 Landscape, Community and Colonisation: The North Somerset Levels During the 1st to 2nd Millennia AD
Stephen Rippon. 2006
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153 Managing the Marine Cultural Heritage: Defining, Accessing and Managing the Resource
J. Satchell, P. Palma (eds.). 2006
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154 Sutton Common: The Excavation of an Iron Age ‘Marsh Fort’
Robert Van De Noort, Henry P. Chapman, John R. Collis (eds.). 2007
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155 ‘Interrupting The Pots’: Excavation of Cleatham Anglo–Saxon Cemetery
Kevin Leahy. 2007
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156 Londinium and Beyond: Essays on Roman London and its Hinterland for Harvey Sheldon
John Clark, Jonathon Cotton, Jenney Hall, Roz Sherris, Hedley Swain (eds.). 2008
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157 Continental And Mediterranean Imports to Atlantic Britain and Ireland, AD 400–800
Ewan Campbell. 2007
158 ‘Lepers outside the gate’: Excavations at the Cemetery of the Hospital of St James and St Mary Magdalene, Chichester, 1986–93
John Magilton, Frances Lee, Anthea Boyleston. 2008
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159 Laying the Foundations: A History and Archaeology of the Trent Valley Sand and Gravel Industry
Tim Cooper. 2008
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160 Europe’s Lost World: The Rediscovery of Doggerland
V. Gaffney, S. Fitch, D. Smith. 2009
161 Where Rivers Meet: The Archaeology of Catholme and the Trent–Tame Confluence
Simon Buteux, Henry Chapman. 2009
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162 Finds From the Frontier: Material Culture in the 4th–5th Centuries
Rob Collins, Lindsey Allason-Jones (eds.). 2010
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163 The Later Anglo-Saxon Settlement at Bishopstone: A Downland Manor in the Making
Gabor Thomas. 2010
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164 Mesolithic Occupation at Bouldnor Cliff and the Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes of the Solent
G. Momber, D. Tomalin, R. Scaife, J. Scatchell, J. Gillespie (eds.). 2011
165 Renewed Life for Scottish Castles
Richard Fawcett, Allan Rutherford. 2011
166 The New Antiquarians: 50 Years of Archaeological Research in Wessex
Rowan Whimster (ed.). 2011
167 La Grava: The Archaeology and History of a Royal Manor and Alien Priory of Fontevrault
Evelyn Baker. 2013
168 The Archaeology of English Battlefields: Conflict in the Pre-Industrial Landscape
Glenn Foard, Richard Morris. 2012
169 Infernal Traffic: Excavation of a Liberated African Graveyard in Rupert’s Valley, St Helena
Andrew Pearson, Ben Jeffs, Annsofie Witkin, Helen MacQuarrie. 2011
170 A Roman Villa at the Edge of Empire: Excavations at Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees, 2003–04
Steve Willis, Peter Carne (eds.). 2013
171 People and the Sea: A Maritime Archaeological Research Agenda for England
J. Ransley, F. Sturt, J. Dix, J. Adams, L. Blue. 2013
172 The Bronze Age in the Severn Estuary
Martin Bell. 2013
173 Claimed by the Sea: Salcombe, Langdon Bay, and Other Marine Finds of the Bronze Age
Stuart Needham, Dave Parham, Catherine J Frieman. 2013
174 Cult, Religion, and Pilgrimage: Archaeological Investigations at the Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument Complex of Thornborough, North Yorkshire
Jan Harding. 2013
175 Cartimandua's capital? The Late Iron Age royal site at Stanwick, North Yorkshire, fieldwork and analysis 1981-2011
Colin Haselgrove (ed.). 2016

Scottish Burgh Surveys

The Scottish Burgh Survey is a guide to archaeological resource in towns, published by the Council of British Archaeology on behalf of Historic Scotland. It helps to influence decision-makers and to set the agenda on questions that may be answered by archaeology where development occurs.

Historic Maybole: Archaeology and Development
E. Patricia Dennison, Gordon Ewart, Dennis Gallagher. 2005
Historic Dunbar: Archaeology and Development
E. Patricia Dennison, Simon Stronach, Russel Coleman. 2006
Historic Kilsyth: Archaeology and Development
E. Patricia Dennison, Gordon Ewart, Dennis Gallagher, Laura Stewart. 2005
Historic Mauchline: Archaeology and Development
E. Patricia Dennison, Gordon Ewart, Dennis Gallagher. 2006
Historic Barrhead: Archaeology and Development
E. Patricia Dennison, Simon Stronach, Russel Coleman. 2008
Historic Tain: Archaeology and Development
R. D. Oram, P. F. Martin, C. A. McKean, T. Neighbour, A. Cathart. 2009
Historic Kirkintilloch: Archaeology and Development
Martin Rorke, E Patricia Dennison, Simon Stronach, Russel Coleman. 2009
Historic Govan: Archaeology and Development
Chris Dalglish, Stephen T. Driscoll. 2009
Historic Whithorn: Archaeology and Development
R. D. Oram, P. F. Martin, C. A. McKean, T. Neighbour. 2010
Historic Fraserburgh: Archaeology and Development
R. D. Oram, P. F. Martin, C. A. McKean, T. Neighbour, A. Cathart. 2010
Historic Galashiels: Archaeology and Development
Martin Rorke,‎ Dennis Gallagher, Charles McKean, E. Patricia Dennison,‎ and Gordon Ewart . 2011
Historic Wigtown: Archaeology and Development
R. D. Oram, P. F. Martin, C. A. McKean, S. Anderson. 2014

Occasional Papers

1 Survey and Policy of Field Research in the Archaeology of Great Britain
Christopher F. C. Hawkes, Stuart Piggott. 1948
2 The Preservation of Buildings of Historic Interest: A Note on the Town and Country Planning Act, 1947
Council for British Archaeology. 1953
3 Field Survey in British Archaeology: Papers Given at a CBA Conference, 1971
Elizabeth Fowler (ed.). 1972
4 The Erosion of History, Archaeology and Planning in Towns: A Study of Historic Towns Affected by Modern Development in England, Wales and Scotland
Carolyn M. Heighway (ed.). 1972
5 The Archaeology of Churches: A Report from the Churches Committee of the CBA Presented to the Conference on the Archaeology of Churches held at Norwich on April 13–15, 1973
M. Jesson. 1973
6 A Guide to British Topographical Collections
Maurice Barley. 1974
7 Archaeology and Government: A Plan for Archaeology in Britain
The Trust for British Archaeology and Council for British Archaeology. 1974
8 Archaeology and Agriculture: A Survey of Modern Cultivation Methods and the Problems of Assessing Plough Damage to Archaeological Sites
G. Lambrick. 1977
9 Peopling Past Landscapes: A Handbook Introducing Archaeological Fieldwork Techniques in Rural Areas
John M. Steane, Brian Dix. 1978
10 Historic Buildings and Planning Policies
David Peace. 1979
11 Archaeology in the Ordnance Survey 1791–1965
Charles W. Phillips. 1980
12 Recent Archaeological Research in English Towns
John Schofield, D. M. Palliser, Charlotte Harding. 1981
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13 The Recording of Industrial Sites: A Review
Keith Falconer and Geoffrey Hay (eds.). 1981
14 Research Objectives in British Archaeology
Charles Thomas (ed.). 1983
15 The Archaeology of the Uplands: A Rapid Assessment of Archaeological Knowledge and Practice
Timothy Darvill . 1986
16 Upland Archaeology: What Future for the Past?
Timothy Darvill . 1986
17 Research Priorities in Archaeological Science
Paul Mellars (ed.). 1987
18 The Past in Tomorrow’s Landscape
Council for British Archaeology. 1993
19 Archaeology and the National Curriculum in Wales
Raymond Howell (ed.). 1994
20 British Archaeological Yearbook 1995–96
M. Heyworth. 1995
21 Life and Death in Spitalfields 1700 to 1850
Margaret Cox. 1996
22 Modern Military Matters: Studying and Managing the Twentieth–Century Defence Heritage in Britain
John Schofield. 2004
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The Archaeology of York

AY1/1 Sources for York History to AD 1100
David Rollason, Derek Gore, Gillian Fellows-Jensen. 1998
AY2/1 The History of Clementhorpe Nunnery
R. B. Dobson, Sara Donaghey, David A. Brinklow, David Stocker. 1984
AY2/2 York Bridgemasters Accounts
Richard A. Hall. 2003
AY2/3 Probate Inventories of the York Diocese, 1350-1500
Richard A. Hall. 2006
AY3/1 The Church Street Sewer and and Adjacent Building
J. B. Whitwell. 1976
AY3/2 Interval Tower S.W. and the South-west Defences - Excavations, 1972-75
A. B. Sumpter, S. Coll. 1977
AY3/3 Fortress Defences and Adjacent Sites, 1971-90
Patrick Ottoway. 1996
AY3/4 Excavations in the Praetentura: 9 Blake Street
Richard A. Hall. 1997
AY4/1 Riverside Structures and a Well in Skeldergate and Buildings in Bishophill
Martin O. H. Carver, Sara Donaghey, A. B. Sumpter. 1978
AY6/1 Coney Street, Aldwark and Clementhorpe, Minor Sites, and Roman Roads
David A. Brinklow, Richard A. Hall, John Magilton, Sara Donaghey. 1986
AY6/2 Archaeology in the Environs of Roman York: Excavations 1976-2005
Patrick Ottoway. 2011
AY7/1 Anglian Settlement at 46-54 Fishergate
Richard L. Kemp. 1996
AY7/2 Anglian York: A Survey of the Evidence
Dominic Tweddle, Joan Moulden, Elizabeth Logan. 1999
AY8/1 Anglo-Scandinavian York South-West of the Ouse
Joan Moulden, Dominic Tweddle. 1986
AY8/2 St Mary Bishophill Junior and St Mary Castlegate
Leslie P. Wenham, Richard A. Hall, Colin Briden, David Stocker. 1987
AY8/3 Urban Structures and Defences: Lloyds Bank, Pavement and Other Sites
Peter V. Addyman, Richard A. Hall. 1991
AY8/4 Aspects of Anglo-Scandinavian York
Gillian Fellows-Jensen, Allan R. Hall, Harry Kenward, Terry P. O'Connor, Dominic Tweddle, Ailsa J, Mainman, Nicola S. H. Rogers, Richard A. Hall, David Rollason, Mark A. S. Blackburn, David Parsons. 2004
AY8/5 Anglo-Scandinavian Occupation at 16-22 Coppergate
Richard A. Hall. 2014
AY10/1 The Church of St. Helen-on-the-Walls, Aldwark
John Magilton. 1980
AY10/2 Medieval Tenements in Aldwark, and Other Sites
Richard A. Hall, H. MacGregor, M. Stockwell. 1988
AY10/3 The Bedern Foundry
Julian D. Richards. 1993
AY10/4 The College of the Vicars Choral of York Minster at Bedern: Architectural Fragments
David Stocker. 1999
AY10/5 The Vicars Choral of York Minster: The College at Bedern
Julian Richards . 2001
AY10/6 Medieval Urbanism in Coppergate: Refining a Townscape
R. A. Hall. 2002
AY10/7 Medieval Metalworking and Urban Life at St Andrewgate, York
Rhona Finlayson. 2004
AY11/1 Union Terrace: Excavations in the Horsefair
Julian D. Richards, Carolyn M. Heighway, Sara Donaghey. 1989
AY11/2 The Church and Gilbertine Priory of St Andrew, Fishergate
Richard L. Kemp, C. P. Graves. 1996
AY11/3 The Window Glass of the Order of St Gilbert of Sempringham: A York-based Survey
C. Pamela Graves. 2000
AY12/1 The Cemetery of St. Helen-on-the-Walls, Aldwark
Jean D. Dawes, John Magilton. 1980
AY12/2 Cemeteries of St Andrew, Fishergate
G. Stroud, Richard L. Kemp. 1993
AY12/3 The Jewish Burial Ground at Jewbury
J. M. Lilley, G. Stroud, Don R. Brothwell, M. H. Williamson. 1994
AY14/1 The Environmental Evidence from the Church Street Roman Sewer System
Paul C. Buckland. 1976
AY14/2 Biological Evidence from the Roman Warehouses at Coney Street
Harry Kenward, Dorian Williams. 1979
AY14/3 Environmental Evidence from Roman deposits in Skeldergate
Allan R. Hall, Harry Kenward, D. Williams. 1980
AY14/4 Environment and Living Conditions at Two Anglo-Scandinavian Sites
Allan R. Hall, Harry Kenward, D. Williams, J. R. A. Greig. 1983
AY14/5 Environmental Evidence from a Roman Well and the Anglian pits in the Legionary Fortress
Harry Kenward, Allan R. Hall, Andrew K. G. Jones. 1986
AY14/6 Environmental Evidence from the Colonia : General Accident and Rougier Street
Allan R. Hall, Harry Kenward. 1990
AY14/7 Biological Evidence from Anglo-Scandianavian Deposits at 16-22 Coppergate
H. K. Kenward, R. A. Hall. 1995
AY15/1 Bones from Skeldergate and Walmgate
Terry P. O'Connor. 1984
AY15/2 Bones from the General Accident Site, Tanner Row
Terry P. O'Connor. 1988
AY15/3 Bones from the Anglo-Scandinavian Levels at 16-22 Coppergate
Terry P. O'Connor. 1989
AY15/4 Bones from 46-54 Fishergate
Terry P. O'Connor. 1991
AY15/5 Bones from Medieval Deposits at 16-22 Coppergate and Other Sites in York
Julie M. Bond, Terry P. O'Connor. 1999
AY16/1 Selected Pottery Groups AD 650-1780
Jane Holdsworth. 1978
AY16/2 Roman Pottery from the Colonia: Skeldergate and Bishophill                                                                            J. R. Perrin. 1981    
AY16/3 Medieval and Later Pottery from Aldwark and Other Sites
Catherine M. Brooks. 1987
AY16/4 Roman Pottery from the Colonia 2: General Accident and Rougier Street
J. R. Perrin, D. F. Williams. 1990
AY16/5 Anglo-Scandinavian pottery from 16-22 Coppergate
Ailsa J. Mainman. 1990
AY16/6 The Pottery from 46-54 Fishergate
Ailsa J. Mainman. 1993
AY16/7 Roman Pottery from the Fortress: 9 Blake Street
Jason Monaghan. 1993
AY16/8 Roman Pottery from York
Jason Monaghan. 1997
AY16/9 Medieval Pottery from York
Ailsa J. Mainman, J. Jenner. 2013
AY17/1 Finds from a Roman Sewer System and an Adjacent Building in Church Street
Arthur MacGregor. 1976
AY17/2 Roman Finds from Skeldergate and Bishophill
Arthur MacGregor. 1978
AY17/3 Anglo-Scandinavian Finds from Lloyds Bank, Pavement, and Other Sites
Arthur MacGregor. 1982
AY17/4 Finds from Parliament Street and other sites in the City Centre
Dominic Tweddle. 1986
AY17/5 Textiles, Cordage and Raw Fibre from 16-22 Coppergate
Penelope Walton-Rogers. 1989
AY17/6 Anglo-Scandinavian Ironwork from Coppergate
Patrick Ottoway. 1992
AY17/7 Non-Ferrous Metalworking from Coppergate
Justine Bayley. 1992
AY17/8 The Anglian Helmet from Coppergate
Dominic Tweddle. 1992
AY17/9 Anglian and other finds from Fishergate
Nicola S. H. Rogers. 1993
AY17/1 Finds from the Fortress
Hilary E. M. Cool, G. Lloyd-Morgan, A. D. Hooley. 1995
AY17/11 Textile Production at 16-22 Coppergate
Penelope Walton-Rogers. 1997
AY17/12 Bone, Antler, Ivory and Horn from Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York
Arthur MacGregor, Ailsa J. Mainman, Nicola S. H. Rogers. 1999
AY17/13 Wood & Woodworking in Anglo-Scandinavian & Medieval York
Carole A. Morris. 2000
AY17/14 Finds from Anglo-Scandinavian York
Ailsa J. Mainman, Nicola S. H. Rogers. 2000
AY17/15 Finds from Medieval York
Nicola S. H. Rogers, Patrick Ottoway. 2002
AY17/16 Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York
Richard A. Hall, Quita Mould, Ian Carlisle, Esther A. Cameron. 2003
AY18/1 Post-Roman Coins from York Excavations, 1971-81
Elizabeth J. E. Pirie, M. M. Archibald, Richard A. Hall. 1986
AY19/1 The Analysis of Archaeological Insect Assemblages: A New Approach
Harry Kenward. 1978
AY19/2 The Analysis of Urban Animal Bone Assemblages: A Handbook for Archaeologists
Terry P. O'Connor. 2003

The Archaeology of Lincoln

I Environment, Topography, and Settlement Origins    
II The Legionary Fortress and Upper Colonia    
III Roman Sites in the Lower Walled City    
IV-1 The Suburbs and Cemeteries of Roman Lincoln    
IV-2 Roman Buildings below St Mark's Church
B.J.J. Gilmour and D.A. Stocker
V Roman Artefacts    
VI-1 Early Medieval Coins from Lincoln and its Shire, c770-1100
Mark A.S. Blackburn, Christina Colyer, R.H. Michael Dolley. 1983
VI-2 Roman Coins from Lincoln 1970-9
Jennifer E. Mann, Richard Reece. 1983
VII-1 The Defences of the Upper Roman Enclosure
Michael J. Jones. 1980
VII-2 The Defences of the Lower City
Christina Colyer, Brian J.J. Gilmour, Michael J. Jones. 1999
VIII The Ancient Waterfront    
IX Early Medieval Occupation at Flaxengate, Lincoln
Dom Perring. 1981
X Medieval and Early Modern Lincoln: The Upper City    
XI Medieval Houses at Flaxengate, Lincoln
R.H. Jones. 1980
XII-1 St Mary's Guildhall, Lincoln: The Survey and Excavation of a Medieval Building Complex
D.A. Stocker. 1991
XII-2 Medieval Houses at Steep Hill, Grantham Street, and Danes Terrace
J. Magilton
XIII-1 St Mark's Church and Cemetery
B.J.J. Gilmour and D.A. Stocker. 1986
XIII-2 The Church and Cemetery of St Paul-in-the-Bail
B.J.J. Gilmour and D.A. Stocker
XIV-1 Early Medieval Finds from Flaxengate 1: Objects of antler, bone, stone, horn, ivory, amber, and jet late 9th to late 12th century urban crafts and trades
J.E. Mann. 1982
XIV-2 Early Medieval Finds from Flaxengate 2: Technology
Justine Bayley
XV Clay Tobacco Pipes from Excavations at Lincoln 1970-1974
J.E. Mann. 1977
XVI-1 A Group of Late Roman Pottery from Lincoln
Margaret J. Darling. 1977
XVI-2 Roman Pottery from the Upper Defences
Margaret J. Darling. 1984
XVII-1 Medieval Pottery from Broadgate East, Lincoln 1973
Lauren Gilmour. 1977
XVII-2 Early Medieval Pottery from Flaxengate, Lincoln
Lauren Gilmour. 1988
XVII-3 A Late Saxon Kiln Site at Silver Street, Lincoln
Paul Miles, Jane Young, John Wacher. 1989
XVIII Animal Bones from Flaxengate, Lincoln c870-1500
Terry P. O'Connor. 1982

Research Bulletins

1 A Survey of Heritage Television Viewing Figures
Angela Piccini. 2007
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2 Diversifying Participation in the Historic Environment Workforce
UCL Centre for Applied Archaeology. 2012
3 Young People and Archaeology
Council for British Archaeology. 2014
4 Archaeology Education Pathways: A Levels and Beyond
Judith I. Aird. 2014
5 Workplace Learning for Community Archaeologists: A Skills for the Future project, 2011-2015
Council for British Archaeology
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Education Publications

EDW Archaeology and the National Curriculum in Wales (Welsh Edition)
Raymond Howell (ed.). 1994
EDE Archaeology and the National Curriculum in Wales (English Edition)
Raymond Howell (ed.). 1994
ED1 Teaching Archaeology: a UK Directory of Resources
Donald Henson (ed.). 1996
ED2 Archaeology in the English National Curriculum
Donald Henson (ed.). 1997
ED3 2000 CBA Guide to Archaeology in Higher Education
Donald Henson (ed.). 1999
ED4 Teaching the Past: A Practical Guide for Archaeologists
Vikki Pearson (ed.). 2001

Other Publications

Signposts for Archaeological Publication: A Guide to Good Practice in the Presentation and Printing of Archaeological Periodicals and Monographs
Peter Boulton. 1991
The Archaeology Resource Book
Peter Halkon, Mike Corbishley, Gareth Binns. 1992
Metal Detecting and Archaeology in England
Colin Dobinson and Simon Denison. 1995
Women in Roman Britain
Lindsay Allason-Jones. 2005
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