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Introducing the March/April issue

On the cover: Stonehenge

Archaeologists have made significant discoveries near Stonehenge, among them the grave of an adult man who might have seen the earliest megaliths erected at the site.

Issue 153 front cover

Among other stories

  • Roman pots and pans buried with flowers
    1500 years ago someone packed eight bronze vessels with bracken and flowers, and buried them in a field in what is now Wiltshire
  • Early Man
    Peter Lord talks about archaeology, imaginary worlds and as much as we could persuade him to reveal about Aardman’s forthcoming film
  • Portmahomack
    In 1994 archaeologists set out to explore a “kingdom of the Picts” in north-east Scotland, and found a monastery. 14 years of excavation revealed an extraordinary story of natives, immigrants and changing times between the sixth and 16th centuries AD
  • Caistor St Edmund
    A Roman town in Norfolk was abandoned after a few centuries and is often viewed as an urban failure. We reveal a more compelling story
  • Harold St George Gray
    A great Edwardian excavator and photographer, with a tragic secret
  • Fyvie Castle
    An Aberdeenshire castle boasts a grand Renaissance facade, but was once much more extensive. What could archaeology reveal about its owner’s aspirations?
  • Roman Londoners
    Analysis of distinctive Roman burials excavated at Lant Street, Southwark, led to a pioneering study of ethnicity and migration, revealing the many faces of Londoners who lived south of the river
  • Calanais
    The Isle of Lewis boasts one of Europe’s iconic ancient sites, a group of spectacular megaliths. Excavation and survey that took place in the 1980s has now been analysed. What did we learn?

Regulars include

  • Letters
    Iron age spinning, Curtain Theatre and railway works
  • Sharp focus
    A carving destroyed by Islamic State
  • Greg Bailey on TV
    The best TV archaeology is not always where you expect it
  • Correspondent
    What does Brexit mean for UK heritage?
  • Casefiles
    5 Piel Island Cottages, Cumbria
  • Books
    Portmahomack on Tarbat Ness, and Segedunum Roman fort
  • Spoilheap
    Sticking to old stories
  • Briefing
    The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews
  • Requiem
    Our annual feature celebrating lovers of antiquity

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