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British Archaeology magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that looks in depth at the latest archaeology news, discoveries and research within the UK and from British Archaeologists working overseas. 

It is available from major high street newsagents, via print or digital subscription, and is included as one of the membership benefits to members of the Council for British Archaeology.

Issue 159 of British Archaeology – out now!

On the cover: 

  • Ancient patriarch died in dagger fight
    An unusual grave in West Sussex dating from 2300BC
  • Heritage survey
    We search for the ancient remains of the Ordnance Survey
Issue 159 cover showing signs of the work of early Ordnance Survey staff left in the landscape.

Among other stories:

  • Roman sailor comes home to Durham
    Unique Roman find records how a Yorkshireman joined the German fleet before retiring with Roman citizenship.
  • Clachtoll broch
    2,000 years ago, a Scottish community fled its burning tower. Local people have excavated the ruin, revealing stories of the past and creating a monument for the future.
  • Burnt timbers
    Flame-shaped marks on timbers in old houses are common: they look like accidents with candles, but there is another, stranger explanation.
  • Where the ill of medieval Scotland went to die in
    Analysis of a cemetery on the Isle of May has revealed an extraordinarily high incidence of terminal diseases, including what may be the UK’s earliest known case of prostate cancer.
  • Vikings return
    An iconic excavation in Derbyshire seemed to confirm a historical report of a Viking camp, but over the years doubts grew. New studies have confirmed that the Viking Great Army really did stay at Repton.
  • Westminster Hall
    Continuing our coverage of repairs to the Palace of Westminster, a Lord reports on what he saw in the roof of Westminster Hall
  • Building bridges
    When Roman Britain needed roads and public buildings, and the stone to build them, there was only one organisation the empire could turn to: the military
  • Requiem
    Our 13th tribute to some of the archaeologists and lovers of antiquity who died in the past year

Regulars include:

  • My archaeology
    Jennifer Wexler, an archaeologist told by the Home Office to leave the UK
  • Greg Bailey on TV
    BBC4 is invaded by aggressive hyperbole
  • Letters
    Equinox, rain on an engraved megalith, and Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?
  • Sharp focus
    A neolithic tomb in Wales
  • Correspondent
    The 25 Year Environment Plan
  • Casefiles
    Plas Glynllifon
  • Books
    Public archaeology, and a history of Yorkshire
  • Spoilheap
    What archaeology can tell the world about errors and lies
  • Briefing
    The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

British Archaeology has been in print for more than 20 years! You can see a free preview of an older issue here.

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