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British Archaeology magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that looks in depth at the latest archaeology news, discoveries and research within the UK and from British Archaeologists working overseas. 

It is available from major high street newsagents, via print or digital subscription, and is included as one of the membership benefits to members of the Council for British Archaeology.

The latest issue of British Archaeology – out now!

On the cover: Scythians

We focus on the archaeology behind the gold in the British Museum exhibition – the extraordinary range of stuff that survives, why it does so and how it was recovered

Issue 157 cover showing one of the finds from the Scythians exhibition.

Among other stories:

  • The Dwarf is Dead
    A small Anglo-Saxon lead tablet has been found in Norfolk, with a runic inscription reading, “The dwarf is dead”. What does it mean?
  • Rutland royalty?
    Precious Anglo-Saxon metal artefacts found in a Rutland field may have come from the grave of an individual of great wealth
  • Roman Lancaster
    New research suggests the town was more important as a military base and port than had been thought
  • Interview with Chris Stringer
    Reflecting on a life’s work researching human evolution
  • Treasure on Mr Treasure’s land
    An unusual outcome for a hoard of Roman coins
  • Mosaicist expert in classical mythology
    How to read a unique Roman mosaic found in Berkshire
  • The new palaeolithic Scotland
    In 2009 we reported the discovery of the oldest evidence for human activity in Scotland. What has research found since then?
  • Historical accuracy
    Mary Beard and Nassim Nicholas Taleb recently had a disagreement on Twitter about ethnic diversity in the Roman empire. Who was right?
  • Mapping hillforts
    A new project has mapped Britain and Ireland’s largest group of earthworks

Regulars include

  • Letters
    Iona, Mildenhall, Chysauster and Stonehenge
  • Greg Bailey on TV
    Celebrating Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?
  • Sharp focus
    Pueblo rock art in New Mexico
  • Correspondent
    Shortlist for the Marsh Archaeology Awards
  • Casefiles
    St Catherine’s church, Pontypridd
  • Books
    The city of Winchester, and human bones
  • Briefing
    The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

British Archaeology has been in print for more than 20 years! You can see a free preview of an older issue here.

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