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Introducing the September/October issue

On the cover: Beaker People

4,000 years ago continental immigrants swept across Britain, bringing new ideas and technologies. Even their heads looked different – at least, that was once a popular theory. Could it be true? A major scientific project may have the answer.

Issue 150 front cover

Among other stories

  • 200 years of the Elgin marbles
    In July, two centuries after parliament approved the purchase of Lord Elgin’s collection, a bill to return the Parthenon marbles to Greece was launched in the House of Commons. We consider the eventful history of the sculptures and the British Museum
  • The new Marine Antiquities Scheme
    We introduce a project which hopes to complement the Portable Antiquities Scheme, designed to extend coverage offshore
  • Adventure and treasure
    National Museum Cardiff has grasped the Year of Adventure with an unashamed – and authentically documented – display of what really makes archaeology popular
  • Digging up Dere Street
    Historic England has said there are not enough archaeologists to cope with future large infrastructure projects. Some are already happening. We reveal the scale and rewards of archaeological work on a major road scheme in the north of England
  • Bearsden Roman fort
    Bearsden, in Glasgow, was one of the most northern posts in the Roman empire. This meant that soldiers had to adjust to local supplies – they had olives and figs, but no sponges in the toilet
  • Plague pits
    The Black Death killed millions, but measuring its precise impacts has proved a challenge. Thousands of test-pit diggers think they have found a simple, and previously untouched source of information – in their gardens
  • Must Farm
    Our last “live” coverage of the excavation of a uniquely preserved bronze age village in the Fens

Regulars include

  • Greg Bailey on TV
    China’s Forgotten Emperor – best forgotten?
  • Correspondent
    Beatrice de Cardi, 1914–2016
  • Casefiles
    Major development at Chester Northgate, Cheshire
  • Books
    Blood of the Celts, and Prehistory of North-West Europe
  • Spoilheap
    Growing new futures with archaeology
  • Briefing
    The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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