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Introducing the November/December issue

On the cover: Meet your ancestors: the first ancient British genomes

Three separate projects recently considered identity and migration in England over a thousand years ago, for the first time using ancient DNA from excavated skeletons. In a major feature, with the help of key scientists and archaeologists involved, we review the discoveries and the science behind them.

Issue 151 front cover

Among other stories

  • Iron age royalty in Yorkshire?
    New radiocarbon dates from Skipsea Castle show a large medieval motte in Yorkshire was originally built in the iron age, and is broadly the same age as a mound of identical size in Germany known as the Hohmichele tumulus. This is one of the richest graves in northern Europe, with burials in wooden chambers including that of a man and a woman with a four-wheeled cart and their treasures
  • The Black Loch
    Excavations in Wigtownshire are changing our preconceptions about iron age settlement and architecture in Scotland. We report on the Scottish answer to Must Farm
  • Durrington Walls
    A year ago archaeologists created international interest by announcing the discovery of 200 previously unknown megaliths in the Stonehenge world heritage site. Not everyone was convinced. No stones had actually been seen, so it was decided to dig down and have a look
  • Green waste worry
    The apparently virtuous cycle of green composting can have an unexpected effect that threatens historic research. Archaeologists are concerned
  • Battle Abbey
    On October 14 950 years ago, William of Normandy defeated Harold near Hastings. Confident that Battle Abbey was built where Harold died, English Heritage has developed the site to help visitor understanding
  • An artist in Mexico
    A plaque was recently unveiled on a house in Bath to “Adventurer archaeologist artist Adela Breton”. Who was she? Why has she been commemorated? We introduce an overlooked English archaeologist

Regulars include

  • Letters
    Asbestos and Elgin marbles
  • Greg Bailey on TV
    Must Farm and Pacific Coast
  • My archaeology
    Jane Brayne, artist and story teller
  • Correspondent
    Celebrating a year of the Mick Aston Archaeology Fund
  • Casefiles
    Columbine Hangar, home to flying boats and hovercraft
  • Books
    Norman castles, iron age death and prehistoric Mucking
  • Spoilheap
    When archaeology needs more than dry facts
  • Briefing
    The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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