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Introducing the July/August issue of British Archaeology

On the cover: Roman Silver

Surrounded by naked women, gods and mythical creatures, Bacchus gazes out from the centre of a huge platter, the centrepiece of the Mildenhall Roman treasure. Found 75 years ago, the hoard has received its first definitive study. Our feature reveals all.

Issue 155 front cover

Among other stories

  • The West Kennet enclosures
    A lesser known part of the Avebury world heritage site has been re-investigated in a Historic England-funded project, with sensational results
  • Mesolithic cremation burial
    A hunter-gatherer cremation burial has been found in Kent, dated to over 7,000 years ago. It is only the second to have been identified in Britain
  • The Monuments Convention
    From Iraq in 2003 to Syria now, we have seen significant heritage destroyed by war. We should thank our government for at last facing up to the challenge of heritage loss in conflict. Now what?
  • Crannogs on the Isle of Lewis
    Dramatic discoveries of neolithic island villages in western Scotland promise to stimulate new questions and ideas about the world of Britain's first farmers
  • In search of English Vikings
    Archaeologists think Scandinavians settled in England. But a major DNA study claims to find no evidence for a Viking migration. Can these positions be reconciled?
  • Taking archaeology learning outdoors
    Archaeology has lost its A level. But it still has exciting opportunities for schools
  • A man of exquisite talents
    Worthington George Smith died a century ago this October. We celebrate the many gifts – and discoveries – of a pioneer archaeologist

Regulars include

  • News
    Did Beaker people invade Britain?
  • Letters
    Great Ryburgh explained
  • Greg Bailey on TV
    Another Stonehenge mystery
  • Sharp focus
    An open-air preaching place in the Scottish Highlands
  • Correspondent
    What next for heritage under a new government?
  • Casefiles
    The old County Court House, Sheffield
  • Books
    Roman agriculture and industry, and the British landscape
  • Spoilheap
    Issues that matter behind the Stonehenge tunnel
  • Briefing
    Things to do: meetings, CBA listings, courses and exhibitions

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British Archaeology magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that looks in depth at the latest archaeology news, discoveries and research within the UK and from British Archaeologists working overseas. 

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