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Introducing the May/June issue of British Archaeology

On the cover: Saving Westminster

In a major feature devoted to the Westminster World Heritage site, we review the extraordinary history and archaeology of the abbey and the palace. We urge Parliament to move out to allow the palace restoration and renewal programme to proceed as soon as possible.  

A distinguished panel of writers includes Steven Brindle, Tim Tatton-Brown, John Crook, Warwick Rodwell, David Harrison, Richard Simmons and a team from Historic England, with comment from Colin Renfrew (Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn) and Tim Loughton MP.

Issue 154 front cover

Among other stories

• Scotch Corner: A crossroads on the Roman frontier
Excavation in North Yorkshire ahead of works on the modern A1 has revealed exceptional activity at the junction of two major Roman roads. Archaeologists suggest the site may have been on a temporary boundary during the military advance north, before Hadrian’s Wall was built

• Brexit could devastate UK archaeology
From more than half current university research money to one in five of its digging staff, archaeology has much to lose from Britain’s departure from the EU

• Ancient landscapes
The Salisbury Museum is exhibiting art that illustrates antiquity. What can such works tell us about the past? A lot, says curator Sam Smiles – but not perhaps in the way you might expect

• Exceptional hoard
Excavation near Dundee has recovered an internationally significant bronze age hoard, with a gold-decorated spearhead and wood, sheepskin and textile remains (1000BC). Elsewhere on the same site archaeologists found the UK’s largest neolithic hall (3800BC).

• Britain’s totem poles
What connects Berkhamsted, Salford and Edinburgh with remote forests on the Pacific coast? To accompany the British Museum’s exhibition of north-west Pacific coast artefacts, we discover Britain’s 16 little-known totem poles

Regulars include

• Letters
Eight new discoveries for the next set of stamps
• Greg Bailey on TV
George III: The Genius of the Mad King
• Sharp focus
Kingdom of slate
• Correspondent
Working together for the benefit of archaeology
• Casefiles
Former Jewish Synagogue, Merthyr Tydfil
• Books
Roman Mucking and the tale of an axe
• Spoilheap
Trouble at Great Ryburgh
• Briefing

The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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