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Cassini maps

By arrangement with Cassini Publishing, we’re delighted to be able to offer you a wide range of maps of any part of England and Wales from the early 19th century to the present day at a very special price.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the British government realised it  had no accurate maps for civil defence. The foundation of the Ordnance Survey  resulted from this emergency and produced, from 1805 onwards, the first  definitive and consistent maps of our landscape. These included numerous  ancient features, some of which have since been lost under concrete and  tarmac. Several subsequent revisions of these maps were produced culminating  in the familiar present-day 1:50,000 pink-and-silver Landrangers, at least one  copy of which is probably in every house or office in the country.  

Cassini has scanned, joined, re-projected and enhanced these historical OS maps. Many are available as printed sheet maps which exactly match the present-day OS Landrangers: these and more besides can also be  obtained in a range of formats from personalised PDF downloads to site-centred  printed sheets. Cassini also offers a wide range of products to satisfy the  most discerning of gift buyers including canvas prints, framed maps and  placemats.

All are available to CBA members at a special offer of £3.49 P&P while stocks last (normal RRP £9.99 and £3.49 P&P) at

These maps,  whatever their format, are historical documents. They have a practical value archaeologically because they are geo-rectified to match present-day scales  and projections enabling the past to be compared accurately with the  present. Aesthetically they are beautiful and fascinating reminders of the  landscape we traded for the motor car, the shopping centre and the golf  course. All in all, they are superb reproductions of the only consistent surveys of Britain’s past. 

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