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Members tours 2017 - The archaeology of Newcastle 12 - 14 May

CBA member tour around Newcastle 12 - 14 May 2017.

In response to member’s feedback and in order to give greater value to our members for supporting us, we have two tours planned this year. Newcastle and Jersey please see here for Jersey.

The first tour this year is arranged in partnership with Andante Travels. It explores the archaeology in and around Newcastle. Highlights will include, touring Segedunum, Ouseburn Tunnel, Arbeia and Jarrow Hall.

At Jarrow you will be joined by Dame Rosemary Cramp, where she will be talking about her work at Bede and the monastic sites of Monkwearmouth and Jarrow. There will also be an evening lecture on the Saturday night and a chance to socialise with the others from your group.

This is a shorter weekend tour in response to member feedback from those who cannot commit to a fill week, to allow for greater flexibility this tour does not include accommodation, allowing members to arrange their own hotel, stay at a B&B of their choice, or stay with friends.

Roman Gateway at Arbeia Museum

For more information please go to the Andante Travels website.

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