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The CBA AGM this year was a packed event. Held at the British Academy, it incorporated the Marsh Community Archaeology Awards, Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award presentation, De Cardi lecture, Stonehenge debate, and book launch, plus our annual general meeting. However, as you will see from our photo gallery, the event didn’t disappoint.

Stonehenge front and centre

The day was framed with Stonehenge activity with an opening debate on Stonehenge and the future management of its surrounding landscape. Despite the potential for controversy around the A303 tunnel, the debate was conducted in an engaging, thoughtful way with some insightful points put forward. The day ended with a fascinating De Cardi lecture on Stonehenge and the surrounding area given by Mike Parker Pearson.

Mike was also proud to launch the new book: Stonehenge: making sense of a prehistoric mystery which he wrote alongside Joshua Pollard, Colin Richards, Julian Thomas and Kate Welham.

Recognising Excellence in Archaeology

The day also saw presentations of the Marsh Awards for Community archaeology and we were privileged to be joined by Brian Marsh OBE who presented awards to our 3 winners:

  • Young Archaeologist of the Year 2015: William Fakes
  • Community Archaeologist of the Year 2015: Dr Jon Kenny
  • Marsh Award for Community Archaeology 2015: The London Wreck project

You can find more details of our winners here.

Absent friends

Unfortunately William Fakes, the Young Archaeologist of the Year wasn't able to join us.  But his family and friends from the Leeds branch of the Young Archaeologists' Club broke the news at a Tropical World in Leeds.  His YAC colleague Sam made a speech to announce the news and William was thrilled to find out that he had won.

William's first response when he found out the news.
‘I am totally speechless.....I never thought I would win something like this. I love coming to Leeds YAC-we have accomplished so much since the club started. I love learning about the past, in particular military history but I always learn something new when I come to the YAC.’

William Fakes, Young Archaeologist of the Year

His parents said 'We are so proud of William- we really didn't expect this- it is an amazing achievement.  He really looks forward to each YAC session, preparing with objects to share with the rest of his group or his camera to take photos. He goes to each session with an open mind always prepared to learn something new. We are so happy and really grateful to all the YAC volunteers who give up their time to run this great group.' Congratulations William!

European accolade for the Young Archaeologists' Club

We were also fortunate to be joined by Peter Collins, Chairman of Europa Nostra UK who formally presented our Young Archaeologists Club with their EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award 2015 in the category Education, Training and Awareness-Raising.  

Such positive success stories led very well into the reception where all of our attendees enjoyed some great networking opportunities and great conversations with their peers.

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