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Proposed Budget Cuts to Worcestershire Archives and Archaeology Service - December 2013

The CBA has responded to a proposed budget cut to the Worcestershire Archives and Archaeology Service (WAAS) by Worcestershire County Council (see letter below). WAAS is a joint service based at the award winning Hive library and archives centre in Worcester. It provides archaeological advice and support to Worcestershire County Council as well as working with many local groups and community projects.

The joint service was set up in 2012, using an innovative service model which has already won national acclaim. They recently published their first annual report which demonstrates the wide range of successful work they have carried out over the last year.

Unfortunately Worcestershire County Council are now proposing to reduce their contribution to the service by approximately £750,000 over the next three years (by 2017). If these cuts are implemented this will have a significant impact on WAAS and the services they are able to deliver. 

CBA Letter to Worcestershire County Council 18 12 2013 (264.8K, .PDF)
CBA response to consultation on proposed budget cuts to Worcestershire Archives and Archaeology Service

CBA Briefing Note - Proposed Cuts to WAAS (310.6K, .PDF)
Further information on the proposals for budget cuts to Worcestershire Archives and Archaeology Service (December 2013)

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