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Past Issue 146

January/February 2016

On the cover: Stonehenge quarries

In the news this week, the claimed discovery of two sites in Wales from which different stones at Stonehenge were quarried. The archaeologists behind the excavations describe their findings.

Front cover image of issue 146

Among other stories 

  • Old Iron - The UK’s oldest known iron-smelting furnace has been found next door to Tata Steel’s plant in Scunthorpe
  • The Gulval Evangelists - Digital imaging of a weathered Cornish stone reveals an extraordinary story of medieval beliefs with far-flung cultural connections
  • Boom Times - It is 25 years since planning advice was introduced that transformed the profession and led to an exponential growth in discoveries, re-writing the nation’s story. New figures reveal commercial archaeologists had more work in 2014–15 than in any previous year – signalling an imminent construction boom
  • Meet the Smiths - A large excavation in Cornwall reveals exceptional insights into a bronze age community that supported generations of smiths
  • Saving Africa’s heritage - How can African heritage be protected from collectors who take advantage of poverty?
  • Venturing into the unknown with your best friends - A graduate describes entering the modern world of commercial archaeology
  • Can Glastonbury Lake Village survive climate change? - Concerned for the famed iron age village’s future, archaeologists have conducted some new excavations and the site’s first scientific dating programme 

Regulars inlcude 

  • My archaeology - Cassie Newland’s life changed in a Melbourne cinema
  • Letters - A chess player at Spong Hill?
  • Greg Bailey on TV - The Celts: a TV sacrifice
  • Correspondent - The 2015 Marsh Archaeology Award winners
  • Casefiles - Tyntyla, Rhondda
  • Books - The archaeology of Roman towns, and the birth of Eurasia
  • Spoilheap - Could peer review have saved Lottery Fund embarrassment?
  • Briefing - The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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