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Past issue 152

On the cover: Anglo-Saxon cemetery

Over 90 wooden coffins have been found preserved in an early Christian cemetery, laid out around the foundations of a small chapel.

Issue 152 cover

Among other stories 

  • Cartimandua’s Stanwick
    One of Europe’s largest prehistoric earthwork fortifications lies in rural Stanwick, North Yorkshire. It’s little known, but 2,000 years ago it was the stage for Britain’s first recorded historical events, involving native iron age royalty and Roman conquerors. That, at any rate, is the conclusion of decades of archaeological fieldwork
  • London fort
    The surprise discovery of a fort in the heart of the City of London throws new light on why London was there at all. We assess the significance of a landmark find
  • Jericho skull
    The Jericho skull, at 9,500 years old the British Museum’s most ancient portrait, features in a special temporary display. New research has revealed the man behind the plaster mask of an iconic object
  • The dead at Danebury
    Major excavations at Danebury hillfort in the last century revealed many human remains, in an extraordinary variety of contexts yet with few recognisable graves. Archaeologists have applied new science to see if they can explain what was going on
  • Paul Nash: Encounters with archaeology
    With a major exhibition dedicated to Paul Nash at Tate Britain, we reconsider the artist’s interest in the ancient past, and find archaeological references in his work not noticed before
  • Beakers in Scotland
    4,500 years ago a distinctive burial practice spread across Britain: bodies laid in individual graves with Beaker pots and other artefacts. We report on a major study of what happened in a region far from the continental origins of the new ideas

Regulars include

  • Sharp focus
    In the first of a new regular column, acclaimed photographer Mick Sharp visits the megalithic tomb of Hetty Pegler’s Tump
  • My archaeology
    Taryn Nixon reflects on 29 years of London archaeology
  • News
    A new causewayed enclosure near Stonehenge
  • Letters
    Celebrating Canute’s conquest of England
  • Greg Bailey on TV
    Did the greatest tomb on earth really need outside help?
  • Correspondent
    2016 Marsh Awards for community archaeology
  • Casefiles
    Wolverton Railway Works, Milton Keynes
  • Books
    Iron age Stanwick, Offa's Dyke and industrial Glasgow
  • Spoilheap
    20th-century Stonehenge battles should not be forgotten
  • Briefing
    Comprehensive archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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