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Short Courses

An up to date list regarding the various short courses taking place around the country. 

Heritage Practice Training Courses

University of Leicester in partnership with Historic England

Various dates

A range of CPD events delivering practical, technical and specialist skills for heritage professionals.

For details see the links below

22 June 2017 - Lidar – An Introduction

A one day CPD course which aims to provide participants with the skills and confidence to identify and understand archaeological features in lidar data, and the imagery derived from it. With prices starts at £75, and speakers from Historic England and the Forestry Commission this course offers an excellent introduction to the use of lidar for heritage management.

26 - 27 June 2017 - An Introduction to Standing Building Recording

This two-day course aims to provide an introduction to the theoretical and practical issues in the understanding and investigation of standing buildings. Course attendees will be introduced to the evaluation and recording of buildings, and what buildings mean as an element of past material culture. Prices start from £225 (excluding accommodation), or £275 (including accommodation & evening meal).

4 - 5 September 2017 - Understanding & Creating Statements of Significance

A two day CPD course focused on understanding the value of significance for assessing heritage assets, featuring speakers from Historic England and independent consultants the two day course will offer guidance to people new to assessment, as well as guidance for those with more experience. Prices start from £225 (excluding accommodation), or £275 (including accommodation & evening meal).

18 - 19 September 2017 - Understanding Industrial Assets – Conservation & Management

This course will examine issues around the conservation and management of Industrial Heritage. It will provide an understanding of a selection of industrial (and post-industrial) buildings and sites, the assessment of their significance, their protection, and the management issues faced by these kinds of heritage assets. Prices start from £225 (excluding accommodation), or £275 (including accommodation & evening meal).

2 - 3 October 2017 - Assessing the impact of development of the setting of heritage assets

This exciting two day heritage CPD course focuses on the importance of setting when managing heritage assets. The course covers a broad range of issues including; how we define setting and its key concepts, how to assess significance, and its contribution to the heritage industry. Prices start from £225 (excluding accommodation), or £275 (including accommodation & evening meal).

Take a journey into traditional archery

The Wooden Bow. A weapon so versatile its use has stretched throughout history, beginning as an essential tool to feed Neolithic people developing to a formidable weapon of war. It has proved instrumental in shaping the advancement of humankind. Today the passion for traditional archery is not diminishing so come an join us on your own journey into bow making.

Bow making course

29 June - 2 July 2017

Our bow making passion is driven by Nick McMillen and his tireless desire to experiment with wood types, design and techniques. Having been teaching since 2006 and using his continuously growing knowledge he has encountered most of the issues students are likely to come across.  This four day course will guide you through the history, theory  and practical skills needed to produce your own bow with optional arrow plate, arrows and string ready for a practice on the range.

Starts 9am and ends 4pm.

£395 per person.

To book a place on either course call 07979 321369 or email

Oxford University Department for Continuing Education Heritage Practice Courses

Oxford University Department for Continuing Education’s new programme of short courses for the historic environment is now underway for 2017 at Rewley House.

For full details of all courses please visit the website.

These short practical courses are designed to provide training in key skills, grounded in everyday working experience, for all in the professional and voluntary sectors. They are endorsed by CIfA, the IHBC, the Archaeology Training Forum and FAME and are developed in conjunction with leading heritage practices. Courses are linked to the National Occupational Standards for Archaeology and for Town Planning, Conservation and Building Control.

MANCENT:The Manchester Continuing Education Network. 

Various dates

The Manchester Continuing Education Network (MANCENT), is a loose network of independent lecturers and students with a firm belief that continuing education at a high level should be available to all who want it. 

The Spring 2017 programme is now available and includes a wide range of topics including archaeology, Egyptology, ancient Rome and Medieval history.

There are a number of short courses, individual lectures and day courses available.

MANCENT Community also enables people to get involved in some practical archaeology with Wilmslow Community Archaeology. They are currently undertaking a survey of St Bartholomew's church and cemetery in Wilmslow, Cheshire. New members are welcome and no previous experience is required. 

For more information on all the courses, lectures and events please see the website

Archaeology day courses with Canterbury Archaeological Trust

Various dates

Canterbury Archaeological Trust are offering a variety of day courses for anyone with a passion for archaeology. These range from a study of specific time periods (Prehistory, Roman, and Medieval) to archaeological techniques (report writing, environmental sampling, desk-based assessments). The courses are conducted by our own members of staff and there is plenty of opportunity to get hands on with material we have in our archive. 

We are also offering a series of evening lectures on the history of Canterbury from Prehistory to the present day. 

For more details please visit the website.

War Memorial Project Workshops. 

Various dates.

Free workshops for volunteers to consider how to identify and record the conditions of war memorials, and the steps that can be taken to conserve them for the future.

For more information, see their website



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