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Together we can bring our history to life, tell its stories and preserve that knowledge for future generations. But we need your help.

Archaeology Matters

In these challenging times, the CBA is working tirelessly to help safeguard Britain’s historic environment, from prehistoric and medieval sites to industrial structures and 20th century buildings. We provide opportunities for everyone to discover and learn from archaeology, and get involved. Join the CBA, make a donation or leave a legacy and help us to give our past a future.

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The archaeology of the British Isles lies waiting to be discovered. Join us today and with your help, we can continue to safeguard our rich heritage and open it up to everyone.


Help to safeguard the unique archaeology of the British Isles and take it forward to the twenty-first century and beyond. Leave a lasting legacy or in memorium gift to support the Council for British Archaeology.


There are many ways you can help the Council for British Archaeology. Your donation will help us to understand, preserve and promote our archaeology and heritage for today and for future generations.

Corporate giving

Do you want to get involved with a well-established charity which has a strong reputation for community involvement and a track record for preserving, informing and speaking up on the behalf of archaeology?

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Archaeology plays an important in our past as well as our future. We want you to explore archaeology as much as you want to from armchair to hands on.

Here are some of the ways you can participate in Archaeology;

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