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The Dryboot Company

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The Dryboot remains one of the most successful styles in the history of waterproof footwear. 

  • Top quality natural rubber construction makes this an ideal boot for all conditions and terrain.  Washable and quick drying, unlike a leather boot.
  •  A reinforcing shank built into the non-slip sole adds strength for heavy digging or work on rough ground. 
  • Ideal for those with wider calves or ankles that make wellies uncomfortable, if not, impossible to wear. 
  • Cool cotton lining prevents the foot sweating – common with wellies.
  • Thick padding around the ankle area for extreme comfort and no ankle chafing.  
  • £59.99 per pair - around half the price of styles that boast but cannot guarantee the same qualities.

For a limited period The Dryboot Company are offering a discount to members of the CBA – simply insert ‘CBA10’ into the delivery address on our order form and receive an immediate 10% refund.

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