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What do Archaeologists do?

Archaeologists can work in a multitude of organisations, undertaking a broad selection of tasks. Whilst there are options to go and excavate sites, an archaeologist can also be desk-based. Some examples are listed below:

  • archival work
  • in a laboratory undertaking the scientific study of botanical, human, animal, small mammal or insect remains
  • teaching in a University
  • involved with local authority planning decisions for building and road development
  • museums employ conservators to look after their collections artefacts and finds
  • illustrators use computer programs and manual drawing skills to produce images of sites and finds
  • some of the large organisations employ staff to manage computer databases for the historic environment
  • a small but increasing area of employment is in maritime and marine archaeology
  • and many more besides!

In short then, archaeology is a sector of varied employment that requires many different types of skills.

The section on archaeologists’ job roles in our FAQs may also help answer your questions.

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