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Where do archaeologists work?

Archaeologists work in many different types of employment; they don’t just dig holes in the ground. They can be found in national agencies such as English Heritage,Historic ScotlandCadw, and the Department for Communities (Northern Ireland). They can be found in teaching and research institutions such as Universities; in County and City Councils; with national organisations such as National Parks, the Environment Agency, and the Highways Agency; as curators and specialists with museums; many commercial planning and development consultancies have an archaeological team, and of course they do excavate archaeological sites throughout the UK working for both local authority archaeological units, or commercial organisations such as MoLASWessex ArchaeologyOxford Archaeology and many more similar organisations that undertake aspects of commercially related development archaeology. To be employed in archaeology is to have the option of a wide selection of employment.

There is also an increasingly popular voluntary community sector which enables anyone to become involved in the archaeology of the area in which they live, regardless of age or background. To find out more about Community Archaeology visit the Community Archaeology section of our site.

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