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Young Archaeologist of the Year Award Shortlist 2018

About the Award

The Young Archaeologist of the Year Award is one of the Marsh Archaeology Awards organised by the Council for British Archaeology, supported by the Marsh Christian Trust.

The Awards are given to people who take part in community archaeology projects across the UK.


This year we asked people to nominate a group or an individual aged 17 or under, who loves archaeology. We wanted to hear about people who have developed their own archaeological knowledge and skills, and who have shared their love of archaeology and the past with other people too. These individuals or groups might have been involved in a great archaeological project with their Young Archaeologists’ Club; have developed their love of archaeology with a community project; have won a Heritage Hero Award or may have had archaeological adventures with their school.

We are very pleased to announce that we now have our shortlist of nominations for the Young Archaeologist of the Year Award.


Jordan Havell: Jordan is 17 and lives in Lincolnshire. He was nominated for this year’s Young Archaeologists of the Year Award by members of CITiZAN: “Jordan is an excellent example of a young person going out of their way to engage with the historic environment and has made a real difference to the reporting of local archaeology in Lincolnshire”. Jordan has been working with the CITiZAN team for three years. He and his mum also run the Sutton-on-Sea Beachcare Project, a community endeavour caring for the ecological aspects of their local coastline. Jordan’s familiarity with the coastline in this area means he can observe and record new wreck material very quickly, including the Trusthorpe Wreck, which you can see in the photo gallery below. You can hear from Jordan by visiting the YAC website: Jordan’s Nomination


Rosie O’Toole: Rosie is 13 years-old and was nominated by her Mum. She has been a member of the Chiltern YAC since the age of 8 and has been part of lots of archaeological projects ever since. Rosie’s Mum says she is “a passionate archaeologist taking every opportunity to learn and share her passion. She shares her knowledge and experiences across all the parts of the archaeology community she encounters”. Rosie’s Mum is not alone in backing her daughters nominations, as we have received letters of support from DigVentures, the Thames Discovery Programme and Durham University to name but a few! You can hear from Rosie by visiting the YAC website: Rosie’s Nomination


Martha Mansfield: Martha is 17 years-old. She was nominated by her Young Archaeologists’ Club Branch Leaders, Diane and Penny, from our Museum of Cannock Chase YAC Branch in Staffordshire. Martha has been attending history-based activities at the museum since she was 10 years-old and has been a member of the YAC branch since its inception in 2014. Martha has now decided to deepen her involvement in the YAC by applying to become a YAC assistant so that she will be able to develop new leadership skills and maintain her interest in archaeology. Martha is also a member of the Museum of Cannock Chase Youth Collective as Youth Ambassador for the Museum. Diane and Penny nominated Martha because she has lots of interests and is “passionate about all aspects of history, museums and archaeology. These interests, and of course school life, make her a very busy lady but she makes sure that she very rarely misses a meeting. We have always found Martha to be a very enthusiastic and sensible member of our club who will always help out when ever needed and we feel honoured to be able to nominate her.” You can hear from Martha by visiting the YACwebsite: Martha’s Nomination


The winner of the Young Archaeologist of the Year Award will be announced at the Council for British Archaeology’s Annual Archaeology Day in York. More information is available here: CBA Archaeology Day

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