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17th March - Engaging with Members Who Aren't Online

'Engaging with members who aren’t online' 

Hosted by Claire Corkill and Rachel Arbury 

Wednesday 17 March 12:15-13:15

Over the course of the last year many local archaeology groups and societies have moved their activities online as the ongoing pandemic has made meeting in person impossible. While this has enabled groups to continue to deliver events and activities for manythere are also those who are not online and would still like to engage with the groups activities and connect with fellow members.  

How can you best support all of your membersFrom opportunities to help members feel confident participating online to creative ways of engaging offline there are lots of ways to get people involved and feeling connected.  

 This discussion session is a chance for participants to ask questions and share ideas and experiences to help groups and societies better engage with offline members during the pandemic and beyond.  

 Please register for the event here.

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