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19th May - Attracting younger members – 25-45 year olds

'Attracting younger members – 25-45 year olds'  


Hosted by Neil Redfern and Jo Kirton

Wednesday 19 May 12:15 - 13:15

Following requests in previous sessions from groups looking to understand how they can attract younger members to join and participate, this session will explore current obstacles to participation that groups have encountered and consider how they might overcome them.

Time permitting, we will also discuss:

  • ideas for developing engaging activities for this age-range
  • how to communicate your groups activities and membership offer in a way that will likely reach and interest 25-45 year olds.
  • topics for future discussion

There will be time to share your experiences, ask questions and reflect on the answers. If necessary, we will run a second session to explore topics further.

Please register for the event here.

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