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23 June - From Find to Mind: Creative responses to archaeology

From Find to Mind: Creative responses to archaeology

Hosted by Neil Redfern and Claire Corkill 

Wednesday 23 June

This session is all about using creative approaches to broaden engagement and to inspire new and existing audiences. Moving beyond traditional approaches to archaeology can provide an opportunity to help people move from passive audience member to active participant, with opportunities to share thoughts, feelings, ideas and questions in a range of different ways. Using tools such as art and crafts, storytelling and poetry we can help people connect with archaeology and tell the stories of their places both past and present.   

Introducing these methods doesn’t have to be costly or challenging, and including what may be a small creative element in your project can have big results. During this conversation there will be opportunities to ask questions and share your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Please register for the event on Wednesday 23 June here

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