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Sensing the past: widening access for visually impaired visitors

This event is FREE to attendees and is run by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) in collaboration with The Wilberforce Trust (a leading charity for the visually impaired) and the National Trust, who are kindly hosting the event at The Treasurer’s House in York.

Learners engaging in tactile activities

The aim of the training is to widen access to the historic environment for individuals with visual impairment in pursuance of the CBA's vision of archaeology for all

Attendees will develop:

  • understanding of the difficulties and challenges faced by visually impaired people
  • skills and confidence in communicating effectively with visually impaired people
  • knowledge of how visual and audio aids can be used to immerse a person in an exhibition
  • understanding of how to effectively use tactile installations to enrich engagement

The workshops will cover:

  • use of simulation spectacles to experience a range of visual impairments
  • sight-guiding to explore accessibility issues
  • introduction to and discussion of a range of visual and audio aids
  • use and discussion of handling collections
  • introduction to and critique of tactile models

The workshops will comprise a range of interactive and experiential activities. Discussion is a key part of the training and participants will be encouraged to share experiences and observation of best practice, providing a peer-to-peer learning opportunity. It is anticipated that attendees will also develop contacts for future collaboration. 


This training event is being run twice as a morning workshop and an afternoon session; please visit Eventbrite to book your place:

AM 10am - 1pm

PM 2pm - 5pm 

For any queries, please email Tara-Jane Sutcliffe, CBA Training Coordinator:


This training is supported by English Heritage through the Voluntary Sector Capacity Building programme.

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