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Advocacy on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill

The Bill is a major piece of legislation which seeks to ensure the UK’s ‘smooth transition’ in terms of the function of law when the UK leaves the EU. The most recent debates have received plenty of coverage in the archaeological community over the potential for some important overarching principles established in EU treaty to be weakened after Brexit, if the Bill came into force as currently drafted, and without further legislation.

The Update below sets out the Council for British Archaeology's (CBA) and Chartered Institute for Archaeologists' (CIfA) responses to these issues, and describes how CIfA and CBA are working with colleagues in the historic and natural environment sectors to present government with constructive options for appropriate protections which we hope to see reflected on the face of the Bill.

CBA and CIfA  are working closely with other partners in the historic and natural environment sectors through The Archaeology Forum and Wildlife & Countryside Link (and other UK equivalent bodies).

Rescue has published an open letter to be sent to MPs to demonstrate public concern.

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