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Archaeology Matters

Ambassadors and Friends

Our supporters are champions for archaeology, making a real difference by investing in the Council for British Archaeology's work to safeguard the future of archaeology in the UK.

Archaeology Ambassadors

Our circle of active and influential advocates for archaeology share our vision and are able to work with us to help shape the future of the field and protect our archaeological heritage here in the UK. If you would like to become one of our Ambassadors and see your name displayed here, please visit our web shop or contact us.

Friends of Archaeology

Loyal supporters who are making a commitment to the Council for British Archaeology's vital work to speak up for our archaeology here in the UK, sustain our participation programmes and our Young Archaeologists' Club Branches.

The CBA would like to thank the following Friends of Archaeology:

W F Adams

Mrs A M Tonks

F R S Taylor

Frances Lynch

Aileen Adams

B E Tinson

Richard Foster

Richard & Janet Firth

David & Evelyn Baker

Society supporters

County and local societies who are making a contribution to sustaining the CBA now and in years to come:

Appleby Archaeology Group

Archaeology in Marlow

Association for Industrial Archaeology

Bedfordshire Archaeological Group

Billericay Archaeological and Historical Society

The Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society

Cambrian Archaeological Association

Chesterford Local History & Archaeology Society

Cornwall Archaeological Society

Cumbria Industrial History Society

Dartmoor Tinworking Research Group

Derbyshire Archaeological Society

Hadstock Society

Icknield Archaeology Ltd

Leicester Museums Archaeological Fieldwork Group

Kent Archaeological Society

Maldon Archaeological & Historical Group

Marlow Archaeology

Maidstone Area Archaeological Group

Medieval Settlement Research Group

North East Lincolnshire Archaeology and Local History Society

The Prehistoric Society

Solihull Archaeological Group

Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society

Surrey Archaeological Society

Warmington Heritage Group

Weston-super-Mare Archaeological & Natural History

Winchelsea Archaeological Society

Show your support for archaeology

We all know that archaeology matters and that it is increasingly under threat.

By joining the CBA as a Member, Lifetime Member, Friend or Ambassador, or encouraging your society to become a CBA Member Organisation, you can play a part in speaking up for the future of archaeology in the UK by growing our numbers and strengthening our voice.

The CBA has been at the heart of British archaeology for 70 years. With our funding sources declining, we need your help now so we can continue to champion archaeology for all and rise to the significant challenges for our field and our heritage in the decades ahead.

Join the CBA or upgrade your membership today and give British archaeology a future.

You can also contribute to our work by making a one-off or regular donation and request a legacy pack.

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