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Archaeology Matters pledge

The Archaeology Matters pledge

Ask us for your pledge cards now!

  1. Email us to request as many cards as you need
  2. Distribute to your group members, colleagues, or friends who care about heritage
  3. Fill in the cards with a personal message
  4. Send them to your local MP or Councillors
  5. Let us know who you've contacted and if they respond!

Will your MP take the Archaeology Matters pledge?

As part of the ongoing Power of Archaeology campaign, we've produced pledge cards for our supporters to use and distribute. The cards are designed to be filled in by you with a personal message relating to why you care about archaeology and heritage, and then invite your MP/Councillor to respond to 'sign the pledge'.

Filling in the card is an easy way to share a personalised message to your parliamentary or local council  representative. It can be about anything relevant you want to add, but we've included some tips below.

Anyone can fill these cards in: Professionals who work in heritage or archaeology, local group members, or interested individuals. You can mention a specific site or simply express a general care for the past - all that matters is that you show them people care.

If you would like us to post you a pack of postcards please email us at Alternatively you can download the card to print at home using the link below:

Archaeology Matters pledge card download (117.8K, .PDF)
Archaeology Matters pledge card download

Here's what the cards look like on the reverse:

Reverse of the card


  • Include your name and address: This is vital to ensure that your message is read as MPs require evidence that you live in their constituency/ward that your MP/Councillor represents. It is also required to that they can respond to you!
  • Include personal or local information in your message: A personal message is more likely to be affecting that something general.
  • Want to say more? Do it! Staple the card to a letter: The postcard does not have to stand alone, and may in fact be more use as an ice-breaker for a real discussion abour local heritage!
  • Include questions or 'asks': for example 'can you show your support for X site or building in X town'? 
  • Follow up: It can take a few weeks to get a response from your MP, but it is important that you follow up whether they respond or not. Sharing the Pledge card (or a photo of your card) on social media can be a great way to add a little bit of public 'performance' to add some weight to your request!
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