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Considering taking up archaeology as a career? Use these FAQs to point you in the right direction or download our factsheets on getting involved in archaeology, and pass them on to others.

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If you're fascinated by archaeology and are considering studying or teaching archaeology or becoming an archaeologist, read our FAQs before you start.

If you're interested in getting involved in archaeology through volunteering, read our FAQs and take a look at our CBA volunteering section.


Read our factsheets offering guidance on how to study archaeology, finding a job and gaining further training. Also see our Skills, training and bursaries section.

What is archaeology? (102.9K, .PDF)
CBA Factsheet

Get involved in archaeology (86.5K, .PDF)
CBA Factsheet

Study archaeology at school (146.4K, .PDF)
CBA Factsheet

Study archaeology at undergraduate level (109.7K, .PDF)
CBA Factsheet

Study archaeology at postgraduate level (138.8K, .PDF)
CBA Factsheet

Study archaeology in continuing education (132.0K, .PDF)
CBA Factsheet

Teaching archaeology (101.4K, .PDF)
CBA Factsheet

Working in archaeology (107.1K, .PDF)
CBA Factsheet

Fieldwork and volunteering (184.8K, .PDF)
CBA Factsheet

Where to look for jobs

Read about the nature of the professional jobs market in UK archaeology in Profiling the Profession, a publication researched and produced by the CIfA. The Standing Committee for Archaeology website also has lots of useful information on jobs in archaeology.

The following online resources provide up-to-date information on job vacancies in UK archaeology and heritage:

Look out for job vacancies circulated via the Britarch and Britarch-News email discussion lists in our Forums section.

For job vacancies at the CBA, visit our own jobs page.

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