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British Archaeology magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that looks in depth at the latest archaeology news, discoveries and research within the UK and from British Archaeologists working overseas. 

It is available from major high street newsagents, via print or digital subscription, and is included as one of the membership benefits to members of the Council for British Archaeology.

British Archaeology has been in print for more than 20 years! You can see a free preview of an older issue here.

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Issue 171 of British Archaeology out now!

On the cover: Freedom fighter

Wearing a new reconstruction of a unique helmet, a warrior who died around 50BC might have been a continental leader who fled to Britain ahead of Caesar’s advance. Our exclusive feature describes both the original excavation and new research

Issue 171


A decade in archaeology

We look back at the 2010s, the busiest ten years in British archaeology, ever. Excavations, discoveries and scientific developments created an unprecedented amount of new material and information. Institutions worked to combat the damaging effects to heritage of budget cuts, conflict, war and illicit trading. The growing power of digitisation revolutionised fieldwork, analysis and public engagement. From all this we choose the top five sites, finds and infrastructure projects. And we ask, what next?

The ruins of Crosby

An unusual form of shore-line archaeology focuses on the rubble that remembers Liverpool lives shattered by Second World War bombing

The lure of the murky sea

In the last issue we asked if archaeologists should drop the term “Anglo-Saxon”. In the wake of an exhibition in Germany about migrants and mercenaries in the fifth century AD, we offer another perspective on cross-Channel early medieval Europe, inspired by discoveries on the continent

Saving an unusual industrial relic

The Charlcotte Furnace was on England’s first Heritage at Risk Register. We tell the remarkable story of this early blast furnace in Shropshire, and its conservation

Romans and Saxons

Excavation in Cambridgeshire has uncovered a common confusion of late prehistoric and Roman settlement on a similar layout. However, indications of further continuity into early Anglo-Saxon times are rare. We present first impressions of a site rich in stories


Our 15th annual feature celebrating lovers of antiquity

A Celtic shield and a collection of bronzes

Anglo-Saxon attitudes

Greg Bailey on TV
Who watches archaeology on TV now?

My archaeology
Mike Heyworth, leaving the CBA after 30 years

Sharp focus
Cademuir Hill in the Scottish Borders

The power of public support for archaeology

Holly Cottage, North Yorkshire

Beaker People and Barrow Clump

Can we trust Boris Johnson with archaeology?

The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews 

British Archaeology is a bimonthly members' magazine that is also available in newsagents, and by subscription in print and digital


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