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Casework in Wales


Who looks after listed buildings?

In Wales there are 22 Local Planning Authorities and 3 National Parks, which have Planning Authority status; between them they look after over 29,850 listed buildings.

Responsibility ranges from Powys in mid-Wales which administers 5,470 listed buildings, down to Blaenau Gwent in the eastern valleys of south Wales which looks after just 53.

The buildings themselves vary from eighteenth-century vernacular farmhouses through to nineteenth-century industrial structures.

CBA and casework

The local authorities invite our comments on around 400 Listed Building Consent applications each year.

How you can help

Many of these applications require a site visit in order for us to make an appropriate response, and voluntary historic building correspondents carry out some of this work.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer historic buildings correspondent, please send a message to ‘Cadwraeth’ using our website contact form.

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