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CBA celebrates home-front military heritage on Armed Forces Day

On 28th June 2014 CBA ran a training day that coincided with Armed Forces Day. Field-based and focusing on the extant military remains at Reighton Sands, North Yorkshire, the aim of the day was to further understanding of twentieth-century defence landscapes.

Interpreting twentieth-century defence landscapes

Reighton Sands provides a wonderful training ground, where learners can encounter a range of concrete and brick-built defence structures surviving from the Second World War. Anti-tank blocks, pillboxes and slit trenches located on the foreshore and headland are part of a wider landscape of defence in which topography, geology and vegetation are also components. 

Military heritage specialist Chris Kolonko leading training

Military heritage specialist and former CBA Community Archaeology bursary-holder, Chris Kolonko, delivering training on interpreting twentieth-century defence landscapes

Skills development and capacity building

The event was well attended by volunteers and professionals with an interest in military heritage from across the North East and North West of England. Facilitated by funding from English Heritage, the training day is part of a programme designed to develop heritage skills and build capacity in the voluntary and community sector.

This course sought to develop:

  • understanding of spatial and material aspects of twentieth century defence landscapes
  • skills in identifying and recording a variety of military structures
  • appreciation of conservation and management issues pertaining to twentieth century defence landscapes
  • knowledge of the range of pertinent archive sources available, including aerial photography
Vulcan flyover

A very well attended and stimulating event ... replete with Vulcan fly-over!

Peer-to-peer learning and future collaboration

In addition to the training delivered, the event provided opportunity for attendees to share their interest in and knowledge of military heritage. A fruitful day, which ideally will lead to future collaborations and support the CBA's Home Front Legacy project.

Chris Kolonko is a graduate of the CBA's Community Archaeology Bursaries Project and is a military heritage specialist with 10 years' experience of recording and interpreting Second World War landscapes. You can follow Concrete Chris on twitter: @ckolonko


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