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CBA Chair Jane Grenville recognised for contribution to higher education

Jane Grenville (Current CBA Chair of Trustees) with our former Chair Kate Pretty at the 100th birthday of Beatrice De Cardi at the Society of Antiquaries London

The CBA's very own Chair of Trustees, Dr Jane Grenville (right), has been recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours 2014 for her outstanding contribution to higher education.

Other archaeologists included on this year's honours list are: Professor Martin Biddle for services to archaeology and former Director of CPAT, William Britnell, for services to archaeology and conservation in Wales.

Dr Grenville said: "I’m honoured, if somewhat baffled, to have my small contribution to student life recognised. York is exceptional in the nature of the partnership between the student body and the institution at departmental, college and University level and it has been a huge privilege to contribute to the strengthening of that bond through a period of intense political change in higher education.

University is nothing if it is not the opportunity for students to leave their social and cultural comfort zones behind them and cultivate understandings of difference through wide friendships and challenging teaching.  Politicians of all parties are thinking about their 2015 manifestos and I hope they are considering how their policies on the funding of higher education and on immigration can support, rather than undermine, universities’ critical position as test-beds for tolerance.

Poor decisions about funding regimes and the reluctance of governments to remove student numbers from the net immigration statistics will lead to less socially diverse campuses. This is to the detriment of us all."

The above extract is taken from the University of York website news section.


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