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CBA Support Proposed Changes to Scheduled Monument Act in Wales

The CBA has responded this week in support of proposals put forward by the Welsh Government for amendments to the Scheduled Ancient Monuments Act in Wales. The proposed changes would make it easier to prosecute anybody who causes damage to a scheduled site, by placing more responsibility on the individual to find out whether their actions could be damaging a scheduled site (rather than being able to just argue that they didn't know it was there).

The CBA feels that the proposals strike a fair balance between the need to protect irreplaceable and nationally significant archaeological monuments and avoiding criminalisation in cases where damage is genuinely accidental.

More information about the proposals can be found on the Welsh Government's website. The public consultation is open until April 14th. They are looking for comments from any individuals or groups with an interest in the historic environment in Wale so make sure you have your say!

You can also e-mail your views to Cadw at

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