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Deep-Time Dialogues: Reflections on the SERF Project


Deep-Time Dialogues: Reflections on the SERF Project

13th April at 7pm via Zoom

Speakers: Ewan Campbell, Gordon Noble, Stephen Driscoll, Kenny Brophy, Rebecca Jones, Sally Foster and Tessa Poller.

Hosted by Neil Redfern, CBA

The SERF (Strathearn Environs and Royal Forteviot) Project is one the most ambitious archaeological projects ever carried out in Scotland. Dozens of excavations took place in Strathearn, near Perth, between 2007 and 2017, with evidence found for activity ranging from a Mesolithic pit alignment to early churches. Post-excavation and writing up will continue for years to come and the project benefited hugely from funding from Historic Environment Scotland.  

At the end of 2020, the CBA published the first two monographs reporting on SERF excavations entitled Prehistoric Forteviot and Royal Forteviot. These companion pieces explore the roots of Forteviot as Scotland's 'first capital' as far back as Neolithic period, drawing on tangible evidence that early medieval people were actively interested in - and even 'excavated' - extant prehistoric earthworks. Deep-time dialogues will be a conversation between the directors of the SERF Project, exploring the relationships between prehistoric and medieval archaeology, and the unique development of this project within the archaeology department in Glasgow that goes back to the time of Prof Leslie Alcock. 

If you would like to register then please follow this link here.

Both volumes of Royal Forteviot are available to purchase here, on our webshop.

Alternatively, you can download digital copies from the Archaeology Data Service website:

Prehistoric Forteviot -

Royal Forteviot -

royal forterviot
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