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The CBA have brought together a range of resources and links relating to equality and diversity that offer opportunities to learn, seek advice and find support.  

As an organisation we acknowledge that we have work to do to better understand many of the issues facing individuals participating in archaeology and to create changes that ensure archaeology is accessible to everyone.  

The CBA does not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind. Our Code of Conduct sets out our expected standards of behaviour and applies to staff, trustees and other volunteers, consultants working for the CBA, service providers and also to CBA members and guests attending our events or accessing our services. 

We also encourage anyone participating in archaeology and heritage to take the time to use the resources below so that we are all better equipped to ensure that any participatory opportunities are safe and enjoyable for all.  

The hub is designed to cover all aspects of equality and diversity and remains an evolving resource. As such this is just a start, and if you are aware of any resources, organisations or material that it would be beneficial to share here, please email details to 

CBA Equality, Diversity and Inclusion statement

The CBA has released a statement on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Heritage. You can read our statement here



European Society of Black & Allied ArchaeologistsA collective of anti-racist archaeologists, led by women of colour.

Museum Detox - The Network for Museum and Heritage Workers who identify as of colour.  

Society of Black Archaeologists - promoting academic excellence and social responsibility by creating a space for Black archaeologists and other scholars who support SBA’s goals and activities.

Black in Arts and Humanities - a global Twitter community of Black people in the Arts & Humanities.

Black Cultural Archives - Black Cultural Archives is the only national heritage centre dedicated to collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of African and Caribbean people in Britain. 

Migration Museum - The Migration Museum explores how the movement of people to and from Britain across the ages has made us who we are – as individuals and as a nation.

People’s History Museum - the national museum of democracy, telling the story of its development in Britain: past, present, and future.

The Runnymede Trust The UK's leading independent race equality thinktank.

The Peace Museum - The Peace Museum explores the history and the often untold stories of peace, peacemakers, social reform and peace movements.

International Slavery Museum - Increasing the understanding of transatlantic, chattel and other forms of enslavement.


Anti-racism Resources - A resource to enable white people and parents to deepen their anti-racism work.

Guide to Allyship - An open source starter guide to help you become a more thoughtful and effective ally.

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources - A resource to facilitate growth enabling white people to become allies, and eventually accomplices for anti-racist work.

Race Ethnicity and Equality Report (2018) Royal Historical Society 

Privilege Quiz, Intersectional Glam – Quiz to help you understand if privilege plays a large role in your life. 

How to talk to your children about race and racism, BBC - A guide to help you navigate conversations with children about race and racism.

Bound for Britain, National Archives - Experiences of Immigration to the UK

Runaway Slaves in Britain: bondage, freedom and race in the eighteenth century, University of Glasgow - A searchable database of well over eight hundred newspaper advertisements placed by masters and owners seeking the capture and return of enslaved and bound people who had escaped.

From Great War to Race Riots - An archive relating to the position of black ex-servicemen, seamen and factory workers stranded or left destitute in Liverpool after the First World War. 

Anti-racism Action Plan - Action plan for Kettle's Yard which sets out actions, a timeline and commitment of resources to contribute to structural change in the organisation. 

Articles, podcasts and presentations

Why the Whiteness of Archaeology is a Problem by William White and Catherine Draycott in Sapiens 

Comments on Why the Whiteness of Archaeology is a Problem by Victoria Alexander in British archaeology news resource

Archaeology must open up to become more diverse by Raksha Dave in The Guardian

For our white friends desiring to be allies by Courtney Ariel, Sojourners 

Performing Solidarity by Ananda Rutherford, Museums Data Laundry 

Access, diversity, representation in the heritage sector talk by Sara Wajid and Reyahn King, York Heritage Research Seminars  

Re-loading the Archaeological Canon: Decolonising the Undergraduate Archaeology Curriculum by Colleen Morgan

A reading list of scholarship by people of colour on slavery and colonialism, c.1500-1750 by Brodie Waddell on The Many Headed Monster.

Relationships and Reconciliation at Fort Edmonton by Darren Dalgleish - Supporting the Indigenous voice in Canadian history.

Myths within myths: Edward Colston and that statue by Roger Ball on the Bristol Radical History Group website.  

The myth of Edward Colston: Bristol Docks, the ‘merchant’ elite and the legitimisation of authority, 1860-1880 by Spencer, Jordan, in Poole, S (ed.) (2013) A city built upon the water: maritime Bristol, 1750-1880, pp. 175-196

The Coen Case presentation by the Director of Westfries Museum, Dr Ad Geerdink - dealing with a statue celebrating the life of a governor of the Dutch East India Company.

The Best in Heritage YouTube channel - Includes a number of presentations discussing contested histories. 

1919: The Year of Race Riots and Revolts, podcast by Jamie Baker

CBA resources:

Diversifying participation in the historic environment workforce, CBA Research Bulletin No 2, 2012

Supporting Community Archaeology in the UK Results of a 2018 Survey, CBA Research Bulletin No 6, 2018 - Includes data on the lack of diversity within community archaeology in the UK. 


Mentoring Womxn in Archaeology - An inclusive, diverse and welcoming group for all who feel underrepresented in the archaeology and heritage disciplines.

British Women Archaeologists - A public Facebook group for women in archaeology. 

Seeing Red - Promoting better menstrual health and hygiene on archaeological sites

LGBT Foundation - Supporting the needs of the diverse range of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans.

Stonewall - Resources and information for LGBT people


Tackling discrimination on archaeological sites by Magnus Copps, MOLA

Harassment and bullying 

Respect: Acting against harassment in Archaeology, BAJR guide 44 - A short guide primarily aimed at field archaeologists. 

Reporting of Bullying & Sexual Harassment in Archeology, a presentation by Kayt Hawkins of RESPECT - This presentation was created at a live online workshop with CIfA on the results of a BAJR RESPECT survey on Bullying, and Sexual Harassment within the industry.

National Bullying Helpline Practical help and advice for children and adults dealing with bullying at school or work.

The Cybersmile Foundation - Committed to digital wellbeing and tackling all forms of bullying and abuse online.

Mental health 

Mind UK - Providing advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. 

The Mental Wellbeing Project, Elmet Archaeology - A community engagement service that aims to provide a range of sessions in the community setting.

Campaign Against Living Miserable - Leading a movement against suicide. 

Andy’s Man Club - Non-judgmental, talking groups for men.


Vocal Eyes - Bringing theatre, museums, galleries and heritage sites to life for blind and partially sighted people.

The National Autistic Society - The UK’s leading charity for autistic people and their families.

Autism Alliance - Raising awareness and providing information for autism-friendly communities. 

British Dyslexia Association - Working to achieve a dyslexia-friendly society for all.

The Dyslexia Association - Support and services for dyslexic children and adults of all ages, their parents/families, educators, employers and the wider community.

Articles and reports: 

Dyslexia in Archaeology Survey Summary by CIfA and Mentoring Women in Archaeology and Heritage

Neurodiversity and Archaeological Practice by Amy Talbot and Rosie Loftus in The Archaeologist, Sumer 2020, Issue 110, pages 26-27. 

Digital accessibility: 

Historic England website accessibility statement - Statement outlining how Historic England make their website accessible.

UK Government website accessibility guidelines - Overview and links to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which are international recommendations for improving web accessibility. 

W3 Web Accessibility initiative - Strategies, standards, and supporting resources to help you make the Web more accessible to people with disabilities.

Professional archaeology organisations and unions 

CIfA - The leading professional body representing archaeologists working in the UK and overseas.

CIfA Equality & Diversity Special Interest Group - The group’s core function is to work with and support CIfA individual members and Registered Organisations to challenge the lack of equality and diversity in the profession.

Prospect - The Archaeologists' branch of Prospect independent trade union.

FAME - The distinctive voice of archaeological employers and managers.

Historic England - The organisation's equalities statement. 

The RSAThe RSA’s work on Heritage and Inclusive Growth is about how to make sure that economic growth driven by heritage is sustainable, with benefits for everyone in the local community, not just a few.

Other resources

Archaeological Ethics Database - holds over 500 sources relating to ethics in archaeology. A resource run by the Register of Professional Archaeologists (the Register) and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA).

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