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Festival of Archaeology Part II - Online and Active

Part II runs from 24 October - 1 November, with digital events and outdoor activities.

The 2020 Festival of Archaeology Part II runs from 24 October - 1 November. We wanted to update you all on recent developments.
After our summer Digital Week, we had hoped for a full programme of 'on the ground' events for Part II. The 'rule of six' restrictions announced by the Government and the fast moving pandemic situation make this increasingly difficult.

We have updated safety advice on how organisers are still able to run physical events (log in to the Festival website organiser area to view) and we hope to see some go ahead. We will monitor the situation carefully and keep organisers updated. If you plan to organise or attend an on the ground event please check the latest guidance for your area in advance. 

Online and Active

We will continue to promote and host digital events. If you ran one over the summer, please consider taking part again. If you didn't and you were unsure of how to do so, please do get in touch at Check out the Festival listings for inspiration from our summer events. 

Online and Active

We still want to get people outdoors, active and in touch with real archaeology. 

With a new tagline of 'Online and Active', we would love to see more activities added to the festival programme that people can participate in at their own pace.

Could you encourage people to take a archaeological tour of your area by producing a factsheet, record a podcast that guides them on their journey or mark out some of the hidden archaeology that lies just a short - or long hike away?

You could get people into their gardens to do test pitting, coordinate surveys of graveyards, start a research project looking at features in your local area combining site visits with Google Earth research - check out Emma Cunliffe’s talk for tips on how to do that. Entertain all ages by setting up craft activities like our Rubbish Art competition, or by exploring the science of archaeology like CITiZAN's DIY Coastal Erosion videos(link is external). The Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery have some great examples of walking tours of Exeter(link is external), while the Roots and Futures app enables people to delve into the history of north Sheffield while maintaining social distancing, keeping active or even without leaving their own homes.

We look forward to seeing you getting online and active with archaeology next month!

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