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Forum on the future of local societies

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The future of archaeological societies: a discussion paper from the CBA forum March 2013

Opportunities for societies and community groups to make a significant impact on archaeology were explored during a UK-wide forum on the role of the voluntary sector in archaeology in the 21st century earlier this year.

Discussions and case studies showcased the rich diversity, and wealth of expertise and energy that characterises archaeology and local historical societies. The forum also revealed a willingness to evolve their role to grasp the opportunities presented by new technologies and the public demand for hands-on archaeology.

A discussion paper and response form have been published on the CBA’s website to disseminate the forum outcomes to societies and community groups and encourage wider discussion and feedback.

The deadline for responses is 27 September 2013 with earlier feedback welcome.

Forum presentations, case studies, papers and videos can be viewed online along with a round up of social media comments from the weekend here

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