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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a selection of FAQ's and Answers regarding the Council for British Archaeology.

What publications do you sell? We have a wide selection of CBA publications, a full list of which can be found here. If you can’t find what you are after on their site or would like information on a certain publication please telephone us to see what’s available.

How do I receive/buy your magazine? If you have a membership with us, you will get the British Archaeology magazine as part of subscription. If you are not a member you can subscribe or you will be able to find the magazine at WHsmith and other newsagents.

How do I join the CBA? If you would like to join the CBA, please see this link where you will have full details on becoming a member. Or you can go here to order a membership to suit you.

How do I volunteer or get archaeology experience? Here is the CBA page dedicated to volunteering please see the link for information. Alternatively, you can see the listed websites below for volunteering roles near to you.

  • CBA briefing service this is a summary of fieldwork, conferences, courses and activities going on in the UK now.
  • CBA local groups There are CBA groups situated around the country, the groups can offer a range of activities including talks, conferences and site visits some may also undertake fieldwork.
  • British Archaeological Jobs and Resources (BAJR) This site mostly advertises employment but sometimes also offers fieldwork placements.
  • Current Archaeology If you go to their website, they showcase a wide range of digs available at the time.
  • Past Horizons They list excavations both in the UK and overseas.
  • And for general volunteering opportunities in museums or heritage organisations see this website.

How do I identify a find? If you would like to identify a find please go to the Portable Antiquities Scheme website and get in touch with your local finds officer.

Where can I find information about archaeology sites? Please see the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) website.

Where do I find more information about bones and fossils? If you are interested in bones and fossils please visit the Natural History Museum website.

How do I update the address on my CBA membership/subscription? If you would like to update any of your contact information please, phone or email us on 01904 671 417/

I would like more information on the Young Archaeologists’ Club, where do I find this? - If you have any Young Archaeologist’ Club (YAC) questions, please get in touch with them through their website.

I have a question about Buildings/Casework, where do I go for more information? - If you have any Buildings related questions, please contact Casework on 01904 671 417 or email


If you have any other questions that have not been listed on here, please feel free to get in touch with us on 01904 671 417 or email

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