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Funding Success in Scotland for the Young Archaeologists’ Club

The Young Archaeologists Club has recently secured funding from Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to support the growth of the YAC network and enhance the current provision for our Scottish branches.

The Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC), part of the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), provides c. 9000 opportunities for young people, aged between 8 and 17, to be involved with archaeology. The opportunities are provided by over 500 volunteers based at 76 branches across the UK. YAC is still the only UK-wide project dedicated to working with young people with an interest in archaeology. It also provides a vehicle for adults to share and develop their own skills, through volunteering as branch leaders. In addition, the network provides a focus for collaboration across the archaeological sector with involvement from museums, universities and commercial units to support the work of local branches.

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Working with Archaeology Scotland, the Council for British Archaeology will survey youth organisations in Scotland, including its current Scottish Young Archaeologists’ Club branches, to assess opportunities for new YAC delivery models, aim to open three new YAC branches in Scotland and deliver a strategic YAC Scotland Development Day.

This project supports delivery of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy especially focusing on Aim 4: to enable and encourage engagement with our past through creative and collaborative working, active involvement, learning for all ages and enhanced archaeological presentation. Dr Kirsty Owen of HES said that “Historic Environment Scotland is providing support to the Young Archaeologists Club in Scotland, as part of its commitment to deliver Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy. This project encourages young people of all ages and abilities to join Scotland’s archaeological community, and so helps to ensure that archaeology continues to make a major contribution to the nation’s wellbeing”.


The first stage of the project is a survey designed to gauge the provision, by the CBA, for the YAC branches in Scotland; to ascertain gaps in that provision, identify potential barriers to participation specific to Scotland and a means of overcoming them with the support of the CBA, the broader YAC network, our partners at Archaeology Scotland and supportive external organisations. It also seeks to understand how we can best support individuals and organisations to create and sustain new YAC branches, particularly in areas where provision is low or absent.

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