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Girlguiding Launch New Archaeology Badge with the Support of the CBA and Young Archaeologists' Club

The Council for British Archaeology and its Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) have collaborated with Girlguiding to create a brand-new Brownie Badge, as part of their new programme launched in the summer. This revamp of what girls do in Girlguiding marks a significant investment in girls’ futures, equipping thousands of girls with the skills and experiences they will need to thrive, succeed, make change and be happy in the modern world. Girlguiding shares many of the same aims as the Young Archaeologists’ Club, including opportunities to have fun, gain valuable life skills and make positive differences to their lives and their communities.

Archaeology Badge

Jess Bond, Lead Volunteer for Programme Renewal, said: “It’s very exciting Brownies can now gain a badge for archaeology as part of Girlguiding’s new programme. This badge is part of the ‘Have Adventures’ theme which is made up of a variety of badges (Aviation, Space, Navigator and Nature) that are all focused on giving girls the chance to explore the outdoors. All of our new badges and activities were created with input from girls, so the programme is truly representative of what girls and young women want to do.”



To earn the Archaeology badge, Brownies must find interesting objects and interpret who they might have belonged to in the past, explore how materials survive in the archaeological record and undertake a walkover survey to create a map.

The Council for British Archaeology is always looking for ways to encourage individuals, groups or organisations to engage with archaeology. Girlguiding have provided the perfect opportunity to be part of a national programme aimed at 7-10 year-olds. The Council for British Archaeology are very proud to have been involved in such a prestigious and impactful project, which will contribute to young girls learning and enjoyment for years to come.

If you are a Brownie (or know one) you can find out more information about the Archaeology badge in the ‘My Badge Book’ for Brownies. You can also find many more activities and information about your local YAC branch on the Young Archaeologist’ Club website:


Badge Book

The Council for British Archaeology would encourage other organisations who might wish to collaborate on similar projects or something totally new to email We would love to hear from you

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