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Interpreting twentieth-century defence landscapes

Reighton Sands, North Yorkshire

Reighton Sands, North Yorkshire

Saturday 28th June, 10am - 3pm

A one-day training event provided by the Council for British Archaeology and led by military heritage specialist Chris Kolonko. Field-based and focusing on the extant military remains at Reighton Sands, North Yorkshire, the aim of the day is to further understanding of twentieth century defence landscapes. Attendees will develop skills in identifying and recording military structures as well as interpreting the broader defence landscape. Opportunity will be provided to use and assess a range of archive sources, including historic aerial photography.


To develop:

  • understanding of spatial and material aspects of twentieth century defence landscapes
  • skills in identifying and recording a variety of military structures
  • appreciation of conservation and management issues pertaining to twentieth century defence landscapes
  • knowledge of the range of pertinent archive sources available, including aerial photography


Car parking is available along Sands Road, past the holiday camp in a designated car park. Attendees will meet at 10am and, following a brief introduction, will descend on to the foreshaw at Reighton Sands. Please be aware that access is via a steep pedestrian routeway; it is, however, paved and provided with a hand-rail. Attendees are advised to wear stout boots with ankle support since the day will comprise walking over uneven ground, covering a round trip of three miles. 

The day will be divided into two sessions with a break for lunch when toilet facilities will be available. Attendees should, however, bring a packed lunch since provisions are not available on site. 

To make the most of the opportunity, attendees should bring a notepad and pen together with a camera. All other recording equipment will be provided and a useful resource pack will be provided for reference during and after the training day.

This event costs just £5; to book, please visit eventbrite

For any queries concerning the day, please email Tara-Jane Sutcliffe, CBA Training Coordinator:

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