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YAC branches are a network of local groups where young people up to the age of 17 can get involved in hands-on activities on a regular basis.

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Join your local YAC Branch

There are almost 70 Young Archaeologists' Club Branches all over the UK. Most meet once a month, usually on a Saturday, and they are a great way for young people over 8 and under 17 to learn more about archaeology in their area and make new friends.

YAC Branches are run by teams of volunteers totalling nearly 600 nationwide! Our volunteers generously give up their free time to help young people get inspired by archaeology and find out more about their local heritage.

YAC Branches cover a huge range of different activities. Members might find themselves:

  • Finding out how archaeologists excavate
  • Trying a hand at historic crafts such as spinning and weaving or flint knapping
  • Visiting archaeological or heritage sites
  • Trying out food from different periods of time
  • Learning how to identify artefacts, process finds, analyse pottery, survey Graveyards and much more!

Each branch organises an action-packed programme of activities, field trips and events.


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