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Kent Iron Age helmet discovery

Iron Age Helmet found just outside Canterbury, Kent © Canterbury Archaeological Trust

The exciting news of the Iron Age helmet discovered just outside Canterbury from our own CBA community archaeology placment holder with the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, Annie Partridge:

This is what we believe to be a 1st century BC helmet found just outside Canterbury in October 2012. Inside were the cremated remains of an individual (as yet not investigated) and a brooch we believe [was] sealed [in] a fabric (or leather) bag which had held the remains.

As far as we know this is the first burial of it's kind to be found in the UK, and although other helmets from the period have been found they are all different. Tempting as it is to place it in Ceasar's Gallic War and his excursions into Kent in 54 and 55 BC, we cannot be certain at this stage.

We do not think it was made in the UK and believe it came over from Gaul, but how is still a mystery.

At the moment it is at the British Museum and will undergo further study whilst in there.”

For more information see the Canterbury Archaeological Trust website.

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