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LHEN Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to give you the information you need to confidently speak up for your local historic environment. It contains information on what historic environment services do, guidance on how the system works and how it might affect you, and advice on how you might get involved as an advocate for heritage and archaeology.

The toolkit is a responsive document which we are updating regularly with new content, advice and from experieced campaigners and experts in the sector, and other groups who have run successful campaigns.

If there is something which you feel you would like included, get in touch with us, and we will aim to help.

 Please click the links below to download the toolkit documents:

Toolkit 1: How to speak up for your local historic environment (356.7K, .PDF)
This document gives advice on what you can do to help protect archaeology and heritage and gives tips on how to be effective.

Toolkit 2: Getting your voice heard: Working with the media (229.7K, .PDF)
This document provides advice on how to make your stories attractive to the media, attract attention, and gain impact.

Toolkit 3: Local historic environment services: Threats, importance, and how to protect them (327.5K, .PDF)
This document gives some basic information on local historic environment services, current threats, and opportunities for advocacy.

Toolkit 4: Why Heritage Matters: Key Facts and Stats (246.1K, .PDF)
This toolkit document highlights various data which supports the value of heritage and archaeology to society, culture, environment and economy. The data is drawn from a range of sources and can be used in local advocacy, or to guide local specific research.

Toolkit 5: A guide to the Freedom of Information Act and accessing public information (271.6K, .PDF)
This toolkit describes and summarises the Freedom of Information Act and how to use it in a heritage context

Toolkit 6: Writing to your local MP or Councillor: What to say and how to say it (313.5K, .PDF)
This toolkit explains how and why to write to your local democratic representatives to speak up for heritage issues, and provides tips on how to structure your letter for greatest impact.

Toolkit 7: A guide to heritage in the planning system (344.9K, .PDF)
This toolkit explains various aspects of the planning system and how a local group, or individual, might be called to engage with it.

Toolkit 8: The POWER of Archaeology: Meeting your MP and inviting them to your events (251.7K, .PDF)
A guide for groups wishing to meet their MP, including by inviting them to their Festival of Archaeology events.

Toolkit 9 : Local Authority Cuts, Types of cut, case studies and how to influence (388.6K, .PDF)
A guide which gives an overview of the financial problems, impacts and responses of local authorities, giving advice on how to respond and influence.

Toolkit 10 : Neighbourhood Plans, how to get involved, advice for the historic environment. (347.9K, .PDF)
This guide describes the basic background to neighbourhood planning and how they can be useful for protecting archaeology. It gives information on how to get involved with existing neighbourhood forums and provides links and summaries to general advice documents from government.

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