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Lumsdale valley

Paint mill in Lumsdale valley

Lumsdale valley is now a Scheduled Monument!

Thanks to the Arkwright Society's Lumsdale group, the area of stunning beauty - a mix of wooded gorge and ruinous mills - has been designated a Scheduled Monument by English Heritage.

Waterfall in Lumsdale valley

Lumsdale valley is an enchanting place to take a stroll in: rushing waterfalls, ruinous mills and a canopy of green.  Nature has woven itself around what was once an industrial place with multiple mills, grind stones and the water being used to power the mill wheels. One lady (named Majorie Mills as it happens!) fell in love with Lumsdale's magical atmosphere and preserved the area as ruins, fighting temptation to sell the stone as building material.

Old mill wall within the Lumsdale woods

In doing this, she also preserved centuries of evidence of industrial activity.  The Arkwright Society's Lumsdale group recognised value in the place both in terms of aesthetic experience and its historic and architectural links.  They put in an application for the area to be scheduled, and it was successful.  You can see how English Heritage value the site through the scheduling record on the National Heritage List for England.  

The CBA recently opposed a housing development on the edges of Lumsdale valley, which would have spoilt its abandoned charm.  We are pleased that the application was withdrawn. 

Circular trough in Lumsdale
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